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Comments made by dherrer1

Chargers Keep Turner And Smith Despite Dismal Seasons

Probaly the best overall move. The Chargers need to decide once and for all if they are the SD Chargers or the LA Chargers. If they are going to move PLEASE DO IT NOW!!!! Focus on building a team...don't do stupid moves like letting Darren Sprouls leave to be Drew Brees star in NO. Personel moves have killed this team. Picks in the draft have been....well horrible. Does it make any sense to pick Larry English over Clay Mathews??? Do a better job of evaluating talent. At some point they have to decide if Ryan Mathews is a real NFL back or a better number 2 back. Philpes needs a REAL deep treat at receiver...I'm sorry but theres a reason no other team was willing to pay VJ the money he wanted...he's not worth it, he's a good number 2 receiver.....Draft better, add depth to the roster keep the good players and this team will be elite again.

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Campaign To Repeal California DREAM Act Begins

Here we go again for the millionth time. What to do about ilegal immigration. This issue is now so polarized that we can't see the forest from the trees. We need to recall some basic facts:

1. Does America have the right to enforce it's immigration laws.
YES! Of course we do but we need to have the laws defined first!

2. Ilegals come to the USA for ECONOMIC reasons!!! Mexico has a formal policy of exporting it's failure in return for billions of dolares it receives in money sent home.

3. The people coming here ilegally are not like the pilgrums... The want a job and a better life so they can support their families back home.

4. Many AMERICANS create the demand that these people come to fill. They are called small business owners and Upper Middle Class families that hire them. The Tea Party ARE these people but what they want is that these people come and work cheap and at night just disappear until the next day and by the way, don't be late to work.

5. Average americans have their heads up their asses. They are willing to give all their personal information to a bank in exchange for credit but refuse to implement a National ID card that would stop these people in their tracks. Just adding a foto to our SS card would be a MAJOR step.

6. I worked as a Manufacturing executive for 30 years in San Diego and Los Angeles. You know how many times my companies were audited by INS for immigration compliance....ZERO TIMES!!!! OSHA was in monthly as well as the fire department and other goverment agencies. Why can't 10% of existing ICE agents be taken away from the border were the sit all day watching the grass grow and start visiting employers and verifying compiance.

7. We need to develop a PLAN as to what to do with the millions of people now here ilegally. Do they all need to go or do we create a path so they can become legal or do we have a temporary worker program, etc. I think we can develop a just plan and still maintain our laws.

Bur first of all we need to decide to deal with the issue at it's root and develop a real plan. To date no one has done this because they don't want to piss off all the employers and middle class women who need nanis to raise their kids. Lets go after the real problem and then implement a real plan to address all the issues including the DREAM ACT.

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University Cuts Could Wound San Diego Economy

This is a good example of what is wrong with California. Cutting funding to higher education is shooting ourselves in the foot. We need to reindustrialize the state and the products will come from current and future students like they have always done. UC system is a jewel of California and we should treat it as such. Not doing this would be a crime.

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CSU Outlines Doomsday Budget

I think the real issue is not addressed here AGAIN!!! California can not or is not willing to afford the university "college" system we currently have. We have the UC, CSU and Community College system. If we don't want to pay more taxes or higher fees there is no solution except to drasticly reduce one of these 3 or allittle of each. I am a graduate of all 3 systems and I think they are all great. I paid taxes in California for over 30 years and when my daughter decided on a college she went out of state for the quality.The value of a BA degree is in question today "right or wrong" but the idea that a BA leads to a better job is obsolete. We need to rethink these systems. Would it be better to have a more vocational oriented Community College system and less CSU and UC? This is the question we should be discussing.

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Looking For Hope In The Midst Of Mexico's Trouble

The last thing mexico needs right now is another academis study!!! These are good intentions but misguided. America needs to do something about the huge demand for these drugs that is the root of the problem. It should also stop wrapping itself around the 2nd admendment while assualt riffes and amno are shipped south. Not to mention all the money laudering that goes on in US banks. Obviously these are are not easy issues but we should at least admit to them and start doing something about it NOW!!!

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Efforts To Build Football Stadium In Los Angeles Moving Forward

I am a San Diegan but was born in Los Angeles. If LA wants to build a stadiun for the Chargers they should do it and the Chargers should just leave. I believe most San Diegans don't give a hoot if the Chargers stay or leave. They are not a good team and if it wasn't for the city having to buy so many tickets they would not even be on TV. Norm and AJ are mediocore at best, they have enjoyed suscces the last few years because the rest of the AFC West has been so bad. Let them go and lets support the Aztecs. It's abetter bet!!!!

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Should California Move Forward With Plan To Build High-Speed Rail System?

Look, innovation takes a certain amount of risk. If you think we can continue as usal with an oil based life style then don't support this effort. California should do mass transit and lots of it...NOW!!!! Once we start we will answer all these questions. The internet started as a military program and look how far we have come in a short period. Mass transit is worth the efforts. done well people will support it

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San Diego Would Feel Little Financial Pain If Chargers Bolt

I think by now that most San Diegans know that the Chargers are doing all the can to convience this community to share the costs of a new mega stadium that they can then use to make millions for them..not us. I have lived my life between San Diego and Los Angeles. As a young lad I was a big fan of the then Los Angeles Rams who are now in Saint Louis and I was also a Charger fan and was able to watch them play in Balboa Stadium...which were really great games!!!! If the Chargers think Los Angeles will pay for a new stadium we should just let them go. I don't think this will happen most people in LA would rather they use the colosium shared with USC or the Rose Bowl shared with UCLA but the NFL doesn't want this and this is the reason there is no NFL team in LA right now. Look, LA and San Diego have better places to spend 500 million dollars then on a football team. It's just crazy to think otherwise. 500 million in San Diego buys you allot of school repairs and improvements, better parks, etc and maybe a world class library downtown. The NFL and the chargers are a mega business and they can afford to pay the infrastructure costs to keep their business in busness. I don't see QualComm asking the city to pay for it's buildings or equipment. Lets just thank the Chargers for 40 years of entertainment and let them gooo. Then we should do all we can to support the Aztecs and turn them into the next Pac-12 team.

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San Diego Week Special Edition

This interview on illegal immigration is amazing. It's pretty clear that the benefits go to a few based on their greed and only their green. The costs go to all the other tax payers who just sit by and watch themselves get ripped off. This issue about agriculture leaving the state is just a old song replayed everytime you go up against the states agribusiness gaints. Rememeber Cesear Chavez and the UFW..well they are still here!!!! It's an ilegal subsidy to these industries and needs to be stopped. Poverty in Mexico is a Mexican government problem not an american taxpayer problem. Their government needs to start to really address this issue, not just pay lip service to it and watch 20 million mexicans just head north. Of course the fact that they send back 20+ billion dollars a year just escapes them...yaaa right. I really feel for these people but we can't solve their problems by letting a few people taht advantage of it. If this labor is not available agriculture will respond to the new reality and find or invent machines to do the work. We have always done this. And if toursits have to pay a few bucks more for their hotel or dinner..soooo whatttt!!!!!

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Mark Fabiani Discusses Latest On Chargers' Push For New Stadium

Losing the Chargers is no big deal. I was born and raised in San Diego and can't see any reason to subsidize this team. I wouls much rather see the new library than a new stadium for a real average team...LET THEM GO and lets start supporting the Aztecs and the Toreos...NCAA football is still the best and not yet a complete business. If SDSU can recruit local people instead of them going to Oregon,UCLA or USC we could have a real powerhouse NCAA team. The Chargers are just not that important, except for a few hotels or restraunts. Let them go...PLEASE!!!!!

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