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Comments made by dherrer1

What Is Economic Impact Of Supercenters?

I think requiring the Wallmarts of the world to provide a economic analysis prior to opening a new supercenter is a great idea as long as this is a very public document. Monopolies used to be a negative in this country and we did all we could to eliminate or control them. It worked well for many years. WallMart is the sales arm of Chinese manufactures..period!!! Thats how they can sell stuff we don't need so cheap. Add on low wages, no benefits and you have their secret sause.... Low wages no benefits equal low prices is not a trueism. Americans should start to realize that low prices are not what they seem to be...they also mean low standard of living. Most of what they sell in these stores we really don't need and it's all imported from low wage countries which is not good for anyone except WallMart. Theres a reason the Walton family are some of the richest people in the world..

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What Are True Costs And Benefits Of Illegal Immigration?

I don't see why we need to make this so complicated. First, If you choose to come here illegally you are commiting a crime. If you choose to hire a person who is here ilegally you are also commiting a crime. We can build fences, add agents, etc but not until we make it UN PROFITABLE to hire a ilegal person will we make progress. We also need to get real and admit that we need a national ID card. Not so hard, banks do this to us all the time. Lets take the current SS card and make it better. Add a foto, address, etc. Than take 10% of the Border Patrol and convert then into auditors that go and check employeers!!! This will not cost billions. As for the dome sayers, id farmers can't harvest their crops we will do something we have always done. Invent our way machines that can do this work and create higher paying jobs for people who will run these farm machines. These people come here for one reason and that's to work. Once they can't do this they will just go home

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SD Congressmen React To Arizona Immigration Law

I am so sick of all these politicians who don't want to really solve this issue of illegal imigration. I think it is very clear that the reason all these come come here is to work...that's it..not to become americans..just to work because in Mexico the government has abandonn them. The reality is that lots of americans are motivated by GREED and only GREED. The solution is clear and it is not buildind a Berlin wall along our southern border. These people will find ways around, over, or under it!!! The real answer is a National ID card and enforcment of our labor laws. We need to make it more riskier for people to employ these people then not too. Once we do this most of the issues will go away or solve themselves. Mexicans come here for jobs, once they can't get them they will stop coming and many here will choose to go home. The fact is that MANY AMERICANS benefit from these people and once we decide to deal with the real issue we will solve it.

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The "Perfect Storm" Of Mexican Immigration Is Coming To An End

Look, this argument is stupid and avoids the real issue. It is true that the birth rate in Mexico is dropping and there will be less workers willing to come north for slave wage jobs. But just south of mexico is Guatamala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, etc that will be happy to fill the gap. The issue is that we creat minimun wage jobs now and export our middle class jobs. This is obviously in support of our multinational corportations, you know the ones that preach free trade and the wonders of free markets and then run to the government for a bail out when their temple of shame (wall street) collapses under it's own weight. The REAL issue our the employers who hire illegal workers and create this demand. We are not so "Self Centered" but we are real Greedy. Mexico will never create enough good paying jobs, companies don't go to mexico to create good paying jobs, they go there because wages are so low and they are so close to the USA which reduces logistic costs. If we want to change the dynamics of this issue we need to do two things. Modernize our SS cards by adding a foto and make it real hard to copy, the way banks do with your credit cards. Second we need to make it more expensive for employeres to ignore our laws. Take a portion of our federal agents away from the border and start monitoring employers for compliance. I don't by into the argument that it's impossible to round up 11 million illegals and deport them. If we just do the two actions above this will eliminate the reason they are here and they will just go home.

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Activists Say Immigrant's Death Demonstrates Need For Immigration Reform

You are 100% correct. A person making minimun wage or less does not pay enough taxes to cover the social costs they bring to a local community. The math just does not add up!!!! The issue is about companies being able to have a captive labor force that they can pay the minimun wage for. The issue that these are jobs americans won't do is not complete. Americans won't do these jobs at these wages. In California the minimun wage was increased from $6.00/hour to $8.00 per hour recently. Even at $8.00 these wage is totally unrealistic and they only reason it exists is that there are illegals that accept it. It is well documented that if you only take into account infationary factors todays minimun wage should be about $12-$13 per hour. This does not take into account reasonable Cost of Living Adjustments which would move it close to $15 per hour. Try this wage and see how many Americans apply for these jobs!!! We need to understand the real issues here. First Mexico does not want to make the changes it needs to to address it's issue of poverty. Americans need to stop being so greedy and pay working class people a reasonable wage. Corporations won't do this until the risks of being caught far out way the benefits of hiring illegals. Once the incentive to be here illegally goes away these people will go home and not return.

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Meg Whitman Pulls Off Historic Win

Meg or Jerry to the rescue.....what a state!!! After the Arnold administration you think we would have learned our lession. Running a corporation and running a State is NOT the same. Success in one does nothing for you in the other. California is in a deep hole and neither of these two look like the answer although Jerry is proballly closer. Re-making the state will take allot of negociating skills a lots of political skills. You see the problem is US...we are all not aware of all the benefits we receive from the state indirectly or directly and just worry about our own special interest. In a Corporation democray does not's a dictatoship and this is one reason why ex-CEO's make losey politicians. Hope for the best and let's see if Jerry can pull it off. I wonder where Linda is at these days? Would be cute..

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What's A Border?

Pretty sad analysis. The fact that most americans are not willing to be explotiated does not make them lazy. Mexicans are willing because it's better then where they came from. Allowing american capitalism to run wild is what got us where we are today...BROKE!!!! I think you should spend some time in Mexico so you can see first hand the future you seem to want. It's not very pretty.

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Activists Say Immigrant's Death Demonstrates Need For Immigration Reform

As soon as we legalize the 12 million that are here now, we will have another 12 million arrive. You have allot more faith on this fence then I do. It won't work. All it has done is made the cost of hiring a coyote to bring you accross more expensive. I really do believe that we can pressure american companies to stop hiring them, but first we need to get serious about it. Most of these companies will only comply once the risks are greater than the rewards. Can we deport 12 million people, we won't have to. For the most part they will leave on their own. Once the reason for being here is gone they will choose to go home and take their kids with them. There are MANY mexicans living in Mexico who were born in the USA. They are doing just fine. I think saying..ohhh this problem is too hard is not very american and is one of the reasons we are where we are. At the core we need to understand that a prosperos and democratic Mexico is in or best interest. NAFTA is the cause of much of the poverty that exists today in Mexico. It has destroyed what little argriculture they had. Mexico exports it's farmers and now has to import most of it's food..guess from who....US!! I would much rather send aid and resources south to Latin America then the 82nd Airborne Division to Afganistan. Americans need to start to connect the dots between or foreign policy and issues like illegal immegration.

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Activists Say Immigrant's Death Demonstrates Need For Immigration Reform

To All,
We live in a country with a judicial system that for the most part works. It is tragic what happened to this man but if 20 Federal agents did beat him to death I am sure there is a line of attorneys waiting to take this families case irrespective of the mans immigration status. What we should do is find out where and for whom he worked for for 26 years. This company or individual is just as guilty as the man himself. Our immigration system is NOT out of control..we have plenty of very reasonable laws on the books. We just need to enforce them. There are 50 million people in Mexico living in poverty. Our we willing to accept them all here? If not we better start to wake up and do something reasonable about it. Enforcing our laws is NOT an act of racism, it's what all countries do every day encluding Mexico. The Bible says nothing about Open Borders. At the root the problem is greedy people here who want cheap labor and a corrupt government in Mexico that doesnt care about it's own people. As an example..has the Mexican Consulate in San Diego agreed to cover the legal expensives of these people (family members)? Of course not, and they will not.....Mexico is a independent country and needs to solve it's own problem. The actual have the resourses to do so.

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Mexican Authorities Discover Tunnel Near Border

Ok,,we spent millions of dollars on the super fence and now we descover gophers in the area. When are we going to realize that The Fence is not the's just a political game. Unless we address the root cause they will find a way accross. Whats next "Hot air ballones". The fence should be arround all the employers who hire ilegal immigrants...The CBP should be visiting employers and verifying compliance. Some should be in front of most Home Depots or Lowes verifying all these day laboreurs documents...Some will argue that we need anti-Tunnel measures.....can't wait for this idea..

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