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Comments made by dherrer1

What's A Border?

It is sad that our greed leads to these problems. The day we get serious about dealing with the people who hire ilegal immigrants they we will start to see this problem go away. Another point...I hear that most americans are against a National ID card...we all need to grow up. We are more then happy to have our picture on a VISA card but can't understand the need for a photo on a SSN card. Pleaseeeee....lets get real and get this SSN card in place. Ilegal immigrants pay allot of money to people who will bring them accroos our borders. If they knew that we had a SSN card system that was difficult to forge and employers who really checked their satus...I doubt if they would continue to come in the numbers we see today. Many current ilegals here would op to go home where they belong..

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What's A Border?

just another apologist for the Mexican government. Mexico has the ability to provide a decent life to it's citizens but chooses not to. They would rather export them to the USA...legally or ilegally, it's all the same to them. The border is the border and that's it. Building the fence will help control the flow but it's not the answer. The issue with ilegal immigration is that it is a two way transaction. We need to address both sides of this transaction. Americans hire and encourage these people to come across any way they can. Until we seriously address this issue and penalize these Good Americans who hire these illegal immigrants we will not succeed. We also need to accept the fact that we need a way to identify who is here legally or not. Call it an ID card or just improve or current SSN card would be enough. Make it hard to copy and this will go a long way to stopping people from flowing North from Mexico and the millions already here will just leave if they can't do what they came here to

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Is New Chargers Stadium Worth The Investment?

The Chargers are not worth it!!!! Let's just get use to the idea of the Los Angeles Chargers. Maybe this will help SDSU get its program moving again. The NFL is a gang of owners use to getting their way from poor tax payers. The players are use to making millions and then leaving the team for greener pasteurs. Lets start supporting a NCCA 1 football program instead.

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Students Suffer When Deportation Tears Families Apart

Dear SCortez,
First of all let me declare that I am NOT a minuteman hiding behind a hispanic name to unleash more rasicsts dogma. I am not a xenophoic either. I am familiar with this issue because I grew up with it and have beard witness to it's afects. I do not agree with you that illegal immigrants have not created a crime when they enter illegally..they HAVE and accept it. America like all other countries does have the right to have laws regulating the legal immigration into it's borders and should expect other countries to honor these laws. I also agree that these laws should be enforced, not just with the ilegal immigrants but also the people,corporations that hire them. I worked in manufacturing in an executive position for over 30 years and I can tell you from experience that MOST california corporations and other states look at these people as a resourse and the consequences for hiring them are NONE. In 30 years as a Plant Manager guess how many times I was audited for I9 compliance. ZERO!!!!! How many times was I visited by a Federal agent asking to review our efforts to enforce these laws. ZERO!!!!! Most HR professionals I dealt with knew full well who was legal and who was not. The fact that they had fake documents was enough for them. If not they would just use a Temp Agency who SCREENED these people. I am bilingual and would speak with my workers on a regular basis like every day. They would not hide the fact that they were ilegal....they knew that fake documents would cover them for years. We need to enforce ALL of our laws in a efficient and non-discrimetory manner. I know this is possible. The other point I have is that we must realise that this is a MEXICAN problem and not a US problem. Mexico needs to start to solve it's issues. We as Americans need to be better informed as to what is going on in Mexico and how this will affect us also. Mexicans believe they have a RIGHT to send us their poor....where this idea came from I don't know but we need to address it. Our foreign policy towards mexico and Latin America is a joke and we need to fix it or aat least have one.

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Students Suffer When Deportation Tears Families Apart

As sad as this story is, It still oesn't change my mind about illegal imiigration. I think it is wrong and a actual policy of the Mexican government. The Mexican government believes that america CANNOT survive econonicly with out this flood of illegal immigrants. They find all kinds of data to support this idea and then use it to convince their people to leave and go to "El Norte". These children are a direct result of these policies. Many americans take advantage of these people. They are very happy to run down to the local Home Depot and pick up a few workers to do a project at home knowing full well they are most probally illegal. Separting children from their parents is a horrible thing but what options do we have? The kids for the most part were born here and are "Americans" but their parents are illegal. Unless we hunker down and solve this issue NOW this problem will only get worse. I have mix feelings about SB1070. In reality I don't see what the big issue is. Before SB1070 Federal Authorities used racial profiling during check point inspections all the time. People who Looked illegal were pulled over. Now state and local police will be able to do the same. In the past local police could call for support from Border Patrol agentes if they suspected someones status.... What we need is to rethink our immigration policies and for that matter our foreign policy towards latin america.

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San Diego ACLU Wants To Make Sure SB1070 Stays In Arizona

I also think what the ACLU is doing is wrong and actually dangerous for them. If they win Arizona goes back to where it was, if they lose this type of law SB1070 will spread like a wild fire across the USA. Illegal immigration is just plain wrong and it is a tool used by the Mexican government to export it's failed social and govermental programs. Mexico is a VERY RICH county and could solve it's own problems but why should they if they can just allow it's poor to leave the country and once in the USA send back 20 billion dollars a year to friends and family. SB1070 should go further and require Federal agencies to inspect work sites on a regular basis. Take 10 % of the ICE agents now on the border and move them into the urban areas so they can audit employers for I9 complice. USHA does it all the time for safety compliance. I think this would go far in sending the message south that the "old times" are gone and Mexico needs to solve it's own problems.

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Protests Against Arizona's Immigration Law To Spread Across California

Dear PreachersKid,

Ahhhh yes I am Hispanic born in East Los Angeles from parents from Durango Mexico and Chihuahua Mexico. Both places I have visited and gotten to know very well. No I am not a minteman possing as an Hispanic..I don't need to hide my thoughts from anybody. As far as the Minuteman, no I do not support their views but I would defend their rights to have them as long as they do it in a lawfull manner. What I propose is far from a Police state, I have visited a Police state many times (China) so I know what I am talking about. I feel deeply for the plight of these people but I don't belive it is americas problem. I have travel extensivly throughout Mexico and have many friends from all walks of life. This problem is Mexicos problem and they need to solve it the way Brasil and Chile have done. Allowing the Mexican government an escape valve is not helping them it's just facilitating their mis-management policies. Please don't judge me based on your prejustices..I don't think I need to defend my Hispanicness to anybody. I went through a load of this stuff in the 70's as an undergrad at UCLA and later as a Captain in the Army. I suggest you travel to Chiapas Mexico and talk to Guatamalens captured by the mexican infantry and ask them how the were treated. We need to stop making excuses for Mexico and start making them ack like they actually care about their people. Again, I repeat, Mexico is not a poor county, they have tremendous resources but a poor government that only knows how to mis-manage everthing because no one ever holes them accountable. It's time someone does and if Arizona wants to do it with SB1070 it's a start. I think Arizona will need to inforce it's other laws against racial descrimenation but it's doable. Racial profiling is not new, it's used all the time in airports, shopping centers security systems etc. It depends on how it is used and we have plenty of laws on the books to protect us against this type of behavior by the police. A police need to get out a bit more..a national ID card is noway near this...get real and become part of the solution.

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Protests Against Arizona's Immigration Law To Spread Across California

I am a Hispanic-American, my parents came to this country legally 50 years ago. At the time all of my uncles enlisted in the army and served in europe. I agree with SB-1070 but think it is not the total solution. This country has ALWAYS welcomed LEGAL immigrants unlike most other countries including Mexico. But to reall combat this problem ALL americans need to pinch in. We need to have some kind of a national ID card which I do not think would improse on our civil liberities, if anything it will reinforce them. As a Army vet I was required to always carry a military ID card. I did not feel oppressed by this requirement. I believe that we should take the current SSN card and modernize it with a photo and fingerprints. We should also take 10% of the Border Patrol and move them into the urban areas to verify that employers comply with our labor laws. 10% shoudn't reduce our inforcement ability at our borders. Those of you who believe that mexicans have a RIGHT to enter our country in any fashion should travel to Guatamala and see how the Mexican Army handles illegals from Central America trying to come into Mexico ilegally. Look, the issue of poverty in mexico is MEXICOS problem and not ours. They are NOT a poor county they are actually a VERY RICH county under super bad management. Mexicans need to fix Mexico and stop exporting their poverty.

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