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Privacy Rights vs. Employee Tracking

I'm without sympathy for people who complain that they are being monitored as they use Twitter and Facebook for their personal fun and games while at work. Unless they are getting paid to waste time on social media, they shouldn't be using it whether or not they are on their own personal devices or not. Time has value and nothing is less productive than someone making personal phone calls or updating their Facebook page or twittering away on the latest erroneous gossip feed. They can also manage to be disruptive to coworkers and clients. Take it out the door and do your personal stuff on your personal time. Enough people seriously want to work; no employer wants or needs to tolerate someone who doesn't value the employer's time and equipment. On the other hand, I think it is outrageous that employers now think they can keep employees on call 24-hours-a-day because of electronic leashes. When did common sense and respect disappear?

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Is Compass Card City’s Bus Ticket To 21st Century?

I'm not buying a SmartPhone just to ride the bus, nor do I like the idea of using a credit card to buy fares. There should always been an accommodation for those of us who ride the bus rarely. I prefer to use cash to handing over our personal information to the transit corporation, and I don't like the idea of having to put money on a Compass card when I know any funds not used by the end of the month will be lost to e. I don't think think cash people should be punished with higher costs for doing so when the alternative choices are so poor. If you want to encourage people to use the Compass cards, then make it easier to acquire one and allow the value not to be lost from month to month. Taking a bus downtown to the Transit Center takes several hours of time, and I am not anywhere near a trolley station (which is what the transit people seem to assume). The problem is that our transit system in San Diego lags behind the rest of the world in convenience, schedule, and the way they manage encouraging ridership ship (cutting down on routes, limited time availability for some routes, an inconsistently working Compass card are not encouragements). My brother uses the Compass card and has had problems with it recognizing the amount charged to it, and this business of not having the value put on the card roll over to the next month is primitive and shows more interest in money than in serving the public (unused funds no doubt go back in the pockets of the CEOs as bonuses). I don't care as much for speed as efficiency...and that's why I don't ride the bus more.

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Drone Industry Boosters Pilot Controversial Local Growth Plan

Funny people are worried about their privacy but have no concerns about the environmental impact of these things buzzing constantly in the air. When all the birds and wildlife are gone, we are next. Does anyone get that?

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Del Mar Gun Show Draws Record Crowd

The media focus on guns and bullets might have drawn large crowds, but there was nothing said about vendors who sell collectibles at the show whose customers were discouraged by the picketers, NRA loyalists and their corporate handlers, and all the focus on the weapon culture. It's an interesting show that has a range of items available but you wouldn't know it from this coverage.

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City Council Shows Strong Support For Tourism Marketing District

I doubt if Las Vegas would stop getting tourists if they stopped running annoying commercials. Every time there is a weather report showing sun in San Diego when it is snowing elsewhere, San Diego gets free advertising. I would bet most tourists come here because they already know about San Diego, not because of some ad where most of the money is going to management and very little is used to improve the production values. My guess is that the people who make the most money from this scheme care more for their bank accounts than they do San Diego. Locking in the City to a 40 year contract for marginal results is ridiculous in a universe where individuals are doing their own forms of free advertising though various media. I'm more likely to follow the recommendation of a neighbor than pay any attention to a commercial. It's is too bad the Council buys into the old school arguments when the world is moving quickly past outmoded commercial models.

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City Council Shows Strong Support For Tourism Marketing District

Frankly I'm with Filner on this one. A 40 year contract is a ridiculously bad deal for the City and there is no proof that visitors will stop coming to San Diego just because we don't have some overpriced, cheesy advertising campaign. What a waste of money, yet gain. I agree with the woman who said the hoteliers should be paying for their advertising themselves. Why are they getting a government subsidy?

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Justin Bieber And His Faith In God Discussed At Point Loma Nazarene

Is it rude of me to say that I don't care about Bieber's religious preference, or the woman who is one of many making money off his fame?

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Controversy Won't Stall Encinitas Yoga Plans

There is now a Hindu member in Congress, and a Buddhist in the Senate, and more power to them. It is about time we quit being so insistent on our ignorance and realize other religions have a place in a diverse nation. Religion should not be part of the discussion related to Yoga. Only the purposefully uneducated would not realize that enjoying Yoga as an exercise is something anyone, including Christians and atheists, can do. As long as we insist on being biased doe no good reason than insecurity about our beliefs, we can't grow as human beings. What is sad is that so many people insist on living in the country of denial that other people have a right to exist. Why keep children from learning a beneficial physical and mental technique just because the adults refuse to learn something new? The instructors aren't teaching a religion...they are teaching life balance, which is something the naysaying parents could stand to learn.

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San Diego Hospice Sees More Layoffs, Hospital Closure

This is incredibly sad. Is the idea that because someone doesn't die on schedule, they should be thrown out on the street? My mother lived beyond her six months--possibly because the Hospice nurses took such good care of her (along with her devoted son who made it possible for her to die in her own home). She was dying, no doubt of that, but she held on to what life she had. I hope the Medicare bureaucrats get to face having their parents (or themselves) shoved out of care because some arbitrary date was picked to evict them from hospice care. Of all the people to pick on, why are the dying and elderly the ones that are picked on to be victimized by the system? I don't get it, but I know those who decide these things have no hearts. We protect corporations, we defend the excesses of CEOs, we pump money into environmental destroying projects, but we don't want to give care to those who provide services to those who are dying because the old and ill are so very non-productive? Shameful.

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Key State Commissioner Reverses Himself, Urges Customers Pay For SDG&E's '07 Fire Costs

I guess we know he is really working for SDG&E. They cause they problem and we pay the price for corporate mismanagement. Yet again.

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