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Comments made by diegooman39

The Story On Parole for Sexual Offenders

According to Ed Freeman,District Administrator of the State Parole Department's Central Coast Division:
There's a perception that most of the child molesters are this individual who cruises the street and snatches a kid out of a bus stop, and that's just not the case. Most are coaches, teachers, uncles, stepfathers for sure, that know the child. The number of predatory individuals is probably less than five percent."
"Jessica's law Hits Enforcement Roadblocks", HERALD SALINAS BUREAU, (February 3, 2008)
Why. are we concentrating all (100%) of our resources (money, police, legislation) to deal with the 95% of the sex offender population that are NOT likely to be repeat offenders? The focus needs to be on that 5% that are a real threat.
According to the California Department of Corrections (Recidivism of Paroled Sex Offenders: A Ten Year Study), the recidivism for sex offenders as a whole group was 3.8%. It is time to put our focus and resources into the "less than five percent" that are a real

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