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Comments made by diehard25fl

Father Of Amber Dubois Backing Bills Protecting Against Sex Offenders

Just another idiot trying to create more laws to punish people who aren't dangerous and have already paid their debt back to society. give it a rest wil you? by the way four kids were murdered before the passage of megans law - the great law that now makes everyone safe (except sex - offenders, even low risk ones. ). since passage of megans law there has been 11 murders of sex offenders by people who located their info. off the internet. megans law was passed with the goal of reducing violent crimes but it has actually increased violent crimes by a total of 11 new crimes. Good job everyone in the senate and house. nice going. megans law has caused about 1000 people to be unemployed and homeless. probably led to the suicide of 100 sex offenders. people are safe - the only people you have to worry about now are politicians and law enforcement. anyone can get arrested for a sex crime now they dont even need proof . they will just lock you up and throw the key away if someone lies and says you did something. guilty until proven innocent. no need to put up with this nonsense anymore. email me at when i get enough people we will take megans law down and all the other garbage that has been passed to destroy sex offenders lives. and vote for this :

June 14, 2011 at 7:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )