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Comments made by djewel73

Americans Head To Mexico For Cheap Dental Care

My cousin has had a lot of dental work done in Mexico to include veneers whihc would have cost him a small fortune if done in the US. Ive personally had over 14k in Dental work done in the states (probaably being conservative) but Ive also had a dentist who takes payments and he knows Ill pay him.. Dental insurance is a bloody joke in the US.. It covers little to nothing and costs too much vs payouts and caps (Delta Dental on avg when Ive had it would cover usually 1000 a year in dental work at 50% for major issues so a couple crowns would max it out quick) I had to have 6 crowns done in one section due to issues from an old underbite/overbite issue (top and bottom on Left side) utlimately he did 8 but only charged me for 6 because the 2 were ones that he'd previously done nad it wa seasier just re do them.. That being said Im moving to AZ likely the end of this year and my old DDS will no longer be an option and I can guarantee Ill be going to Mexico to get my Dental work done. Its just as high quality wihtout the asinine prices charged in America.. And contrary to peoples believes oral health can affect our overal wellness as well and I feel should be covered like other expenses in medical care. Poor oral health can be traced to warning signs of other diseases and can even contribute to cardiac and other health issues people dont even realize it. Dental health has been never considered a priority yet it should be. I speak this as a licensed nurse with some knowledge of the subject..

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