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Comments made by djiandunn

Health Care At The Heart Of Prison Release Ruling

@davidz - the difference between you and someone in prison is that you have the opportunity to get a job and healthcare, and someone in prison can't do that. not to slight your unemployment stint or your dental costs, but those two seperate problems are different than being sentenced for years. what do you mean by "enormous benefits"? are you just discussing the availability of medical care to prisoners? are you suggesting that prisoners not receive medical care? they're unemployed, just like you. except they're also in jail. are they supposed to come up with $9000 if they need it?

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How Will High Court Ruling On State Prisons Affect SD?

Maybe we'd be more inclined to change how things are if we hadn't contracted corrections operations out to a bunch of corporate prison companie$, or if the law enforcement agencies weren't injecting them$elve$ with ca$h all the time from all the great drug and drug offender seizures they keep the prisons full with!

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How Will High Court Ruling On State Prisons Affect SD?

Ms. Dumanis and Senator Anderson both did a fantastic job of doing the standard political tap-dance that people like to do whenever criminal justice issues come to the table. They both filled their air time with lists of all the terrible sorts of criminals that would be lurking right around your block, as if the crimes they enumerated had been added to some "get out for sure" list.

The ruling gives them 2 years to figure something out, and it doesn't say that release has to be the only option, but unless we transfer the prisoners or relax some of our harsher laws (and revamp our ANCIENT DRUG LAWS to reflect a modern society instead of a prohibitionist police state!), then we are definitely bound by our constitutional obligations to figure something out.

Know how you make more hardened criminals? Pen them up for a long time in deplorable conditions! They're going to get out eventually! I would have liked to hear Ms. Dumanis or Senator Anderson talk about how we're going to approach the solution to a problem we've been avoiding for years, instead of just ruffling the public's feathers with stories about the boogieman around the corner. "Lock your house, get a dog, buy a gun"? is the only way to solve this? Please.

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