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Comments made by dogo

Oceanside Man Sparks Debate Over Airport Security Procedures

Imitating Israel ways? Are you kidding?In Israel security targets specific people based, I suppose, on psychological hunches. Do we really want to become or imitate an abusive government that is constantly harassing and targeting a certain group of the population on the pretense that these individuals could be terrorists? The Israeli government consistently abuses, harasses, discriminates their Arab/Muslim population.
If we keep people afraid of possible terrorists, we can coerce them to surrender their rights in the name of security I guess. We have to be a little more intelligent here. We have to follow the money to see who benefits to have us under a constant state of panic. That is the military industrial complex, and now the TSA industrial complex. With this paranoia, we will never have to cut funding for endless security measures that are doing a good job at dominating even our most basic rights of not being touched, especially on our private parts in public by strangers.
And by the way, why doesn’t NPR ever talk about all the abuses of the State of Israel on the Palestinians? I guess you guys get too many donations from the Jewish community. Why talk about the reality of how the Palestinians are losing more than 80% of their land as declared by the United Nations. Of course, Israel is our friend since we have too much money pouring from AIPAC into our Senators and Congress members.
Please NPR don’t succumb to the same buyers. You are losing your conscience. That’s another reason I won’t contribute anymore. Get your soul back.

November 19, 2010 at 10:56 a.m. ( | suggest removal )