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Comments made by donniealways

Why Does The Sound of Chewing Make Some People Panic?

i just want to add, there are visuals along with the sounds, the sight of 'any'one chewing, snapping or blowing bubbles with gum sends me into a rage, i have to get away, even 'seeing' the potato chip bag come out, knowing what's coming, i 'shuddered' at the sounds and sights on the video, that machine would have 'blown up' if i was hooked up to it. mine started at age 10 and i'm 59 and i have so many triggers now, i could not list them all but including, people who eat open mouthed, certain voices, accents that sound fake on commercials, listening to side affects of medications on commercials, that go on forever, seeing/hearing someone brush their teeth (stay in the bathroom with the door closed) certain words, phrases, and one of the worst is, hearing/feeling bass, in my apt. i have kicked holes in 2 doors of my doors, from the rage of not being able to make it stop. i wear earplugs at home, day and night, unless i'm watching t.v. i sleep with earplugs and a small fan next to my bed, to drown out any other sound that may come in. this has affected my social life to the point, i just say, 'no thanks' when invited anyplace. i hope someone can figure it out and thanks alesia, adah, heidi and anyone else who has the courage to do these videos. i would volunteer to have my reactions measured.

August 23, 2013 at 1:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )