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Comments made by donsandiego

New Study: Logging Beetle-Killed Trees May Be Pointless

It should be noted that this "Scientific Review" applies to spruce and lodgepole pine roadless forests in Colorado and is authored by an environmental organizational in opposition proposed issues in Colorado.
Present local efforts are restricted to removing hazardous dead, dying or diseased trees near homes and access roads.
No one is claiming that San Diego's or other southern California county programs are attempting to reduce beetle outbreaks since science has shown thtat the beetles have left the trees by the time damage becomes apparent.
If we do nothing in our forests and woodlands, the trees (snags) will fall, possibly on homes, powerlines, or people.
Reducing the amount of available flammable material in and around homes will clearly reduce the intensity of a wildfire.
I have to wonder where you find articles like these and attempt to make them appear relevant when they clearly don't apply to our area.

March 3, 2010 at 7:49 p.m. ( | suggest removal )