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Comments made by dontbelieveeverythingyouread

After Eight Years In Prison, North Park Man Cleared Of Charges

Once again, Justin Brooks and the California Innocence Project distorts the truth and lies. Shame on you. Can you ever tell the truth rather than make up facts? The D.A.'s office did not exonerate Courtney-far from it. They only agreed to a new trial. In fact Brooks was told numerous times by the D.A.'s office that this "new evidence" does NOT exonerate Courtney. A judge did not reverse the conviction. That is simply a lie. The DA's office went in and agreed to dismiss the charges without prejudice and then eventually set it for a new trial. Also, Courtney was serving 8 years prison time concurrent with the rape charge for being a major methamphetamine dealer. He was caught with over $170,000 in drug money, and pled guilty to that. Funny, how the Innocence Project leaves that part of his conviction and sentence out of their press release. So, Peking_Duck_SD- this man did not lose 8 years of his life. He is far from innocent.

June 25, 2013 at 10:21 a.m. ( | suggest removal )