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Comments made by dontcrydosomething

Pimps Recruiting Underage Girls In San Diego Through Force And Coercion

peking_duck_SD: what does "the world's oldest profession" have anything to do with it? So just because it's been happening since day one makes it okay? Using that line is the biggest cop-out, naive comment someone can use, like they're saying that because sexual exploitation and abuse are a part of the history of mankind it's okay. When people are getting hurt it's NEVER okay, whether it's been happening for one day or one million.

As far as the jails and prisons go, I do agree to an extent. I think the justice system is extremely flawed, and that a lot of low-level criminals that pose no danger to society are using resources that should go to more serious offenses. However, using victims of sexual abuse helps perpetrate the crime, and it's been proven that sex offenders don't become "cured". If a man is willing to buy a woman once he'll do it again, and that act of buying is harming society and innocent people. Therefore, I think that while jail time for a first offense might not be feasible, I believe that registering as a sex offender and being promised jail time for a 2nd offense is more than appropriate. (BTW, it's not so strange to want to work in a prison. I've met countless people who want a job in corrections because they have a heart for society's outcasts and feel they could make a difference in that field. Oh, and as far as not having the capacity to arrest all those johns? How about they arrest the johns instead of the prostitutes, cause apparently they have room to hold the women but not the men....just sayin'....)

The real solution is not about arresting johns, it's about curbing demand. And the only way to do that is to teach our daughters that they're worth something and prevent them from being exploitable. A young girl who knows she's beautiful is so much less likely to fall for the guile of a pimp telling her he's the only man that will ever love her. If a girl is shown that she's beautiful no matter what she's gonna be less likely to feel like she needs to validate herself through sex. But (and if you're a dude you're gonna call me a liar) that falls on the shoulders of the men. Men shape what women become, women strive to attract the attention of men. And if men are desiring barely-legal no-strings-attached sex, that's what a woman, even at a young age, will try to deliver. Instead of being an beautiful, strong, emotional, sensual being an woman is reduced to an object, a plaything for men in a man's world, an item that is supposed to be devoid of all feeling and desire beyond pleasing that man.

I don't hate men, I'm not a femi-nazi, but truth is truth. Women have a place just like men do, and it's not in the backseat of a dozen cars a night. Johns who help make that happen to victims of exploitation deserve punishment, period.

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Pimps Recruiting Underage Girls In San Diego Through Force And Coercion

missionaccomplished=TROLL - Seriously, how else could someone be dumb enough to say the stuff he's saying? Regardless of what this idiot thinks he knows, the truth is that most prostitutes, whether pimped or freelance, have been exploited in some way. They have been taken advantage of by a family member or a stranger, they have been violated and mistreated at some point in a way that they were NOT okay with. NO ONE just wakes up one day and says, 'hey, I'm going to have sex with complete strangers for money while putting myself in danger of rape, murder, and STD's' unless they have already been desensitized to doing it.

Dude, anyone who lives in an area frequented by cops knows the difference between a response and a cruise, especially if you've ever been a lookout. Johns should be thrown in jail and cited for a sex offense, then maybe they'd all be too afraid to look for dates and the demand would be gone.

Tell me how a woman who has been convinced that she is nothing but damaged goods can get out? Tell me how a woman who has been brainwashed into believing the only man who loves her is her pimp is gonna leave him? Look at abuse victims: when a person is beaten down so long it becomes almost impossible to get back up. A few do, but the vast majority are just gonna lie there. And YOU would just take it, too, if you had been sold since before your period even started, before your childhood was even close to being over. If you had been used like a grown woman before you were even close to resembling a grown woman. If you had spent every moment of your life constantly thinking of how to please HIM, and how to avoid getting beaten or killed. Oh, and getting out? Yeah, cause WHO IS GONNA hire a woman with prostitution arrests on her record??? What branch of the military takes women convicted of prostitution? What employer? So she gets out, tries to get a regular job. No one wants her. Where's she gonna go? Back to her pimp. What about the john? A john can work construction and manual labor that most women aren't cut out for, or other jobs where background checks are few and far between. Oh, and that's ONLY if it actually goes on their record in the first place. It's the women who suffer, the women who are the victims of people like missionaccomplished who think they're in it cause they want to be, just blame the woman and give no fault to the man. Just do everyone else a favor before you tout your imbecillic drivel: change your posting name to "male chauvinist john" so we know in advance not to take you seriously.

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