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Comments made by dougp

How Are U.S. Immigration Policies Contributing To Border Crosser Deaths?

The airing illustrated tragic deaths of humans. I appreciate the activism and passion. However, chasing after funding from the SD County Water Authority (i.e. local taxpayers) is really barking up the wrong tree and will only prolong the real issue resulting in exponentially more deaths over the long run.

The activists need to direct their energies to the root cause of the issue - enforcement of hiring undocumented (illegal) workers. If you pressure state politicians and federal immigration agents to actually enforce immigration laws with the farmers employing them, then people's incentive to risk their lives for income will go away. This will have three beneficial side effects:
1. Less human lives will be lost.
2. Water costs will not be increased.
3. Illegal immigration will be reduced, resulting in higher employment for legal Americans and legal immigrants.
4. Large corporate farms will be held accountable for openly breaking the law, sending a signal that we are a law abiding society. It may also cause prices for produce to go up a little, but at least we can eat food with good conscience.
5. The lack of opportunity for illegal immigration will force either a change in our work visa policies, like those in Canada and more importantly, it will force personal responsibility of all Mexicans to fight back for control of their own corrupt government. This will result in better lives for ALL of our Mexican neighbors.
6. It will reduce the American taxpayers burden for free healthcare to non-taxpaying (undocumented illegal) immigrants and keep our economic dollars right here in the state instead of being sent directly over the border.
7. Reducing corruption in Mexico will also reduce drug trafficing and the hundreds or thousands of deaths in Mexican cities like Tijuana and other overrun cities in Mexico.
8. The benefits for all go on and on.

Clearly, enabling illegal immigration is NOT the answer and will simply result in more lives lost unnecessarily. It is critical, we attack the root cause, not the messenger or byproduct. In this case, the messenger is SDCWA. Incidentally, I have NO affiliation with SDCWA. I am a responsible small business owner with ethics and very much enjoy visiting beautiful Mexico (when it is safe to do so).

December 3, 2009 at 10:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal )