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Comments made by dougwilliams

Medical Marijuana Advocates Lash Out At Federal Government

I guess if you cannot spell libido you don't have any right to mention it "stiffening " anything. rape and child molestation are not exacerbated by marijuana Dizzy you are correctly named

May 3, 2013 at 12:08 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

San Diego Proposal To Ban Retail Sale Of Dogs, Cats And Rabbits Moves Forward

Mary La hay is a well know animal rights supporter Dizzy is correct.. even the ASPCA says that only 2-10 percent of dogs in shelters come from pet stores and also that over 20% of pets sold from shelters are returned to the shelter. I wonder how many dogs are returned to the pet store compared with that number. We do not need this law.. especially when San Diogo has many "imported' dogs from mexico that end up in the shelter. and Dizzy is correct .. hobby breeders will be nest because shelters do not want the competition of well bred animals when they can get free animals and sell them Interesting when a "bust " occurs the animals are always from "puppy mills" but are usually ready to sell at the shelter within days
and yes hobby breeders should be afraid.. you are next on the list for elimination. shelter do not want the competition
more rules regulations and unnecessary junk laws passed by people who have not else to do with their time except put working people on the streets

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