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Comments made by drdonna

Charging Stations For Electric Cars Unveiled In Balboa Park

I had forgotten I ordered a BLINK access card (RFID card) in May; I forgot because I never received one. As of today, my request from May is still pending, as are the re-request I made on June 17.

BLINK Network Support response to my inquiry: "Currently the only way to receive an RFID card is through the website. I do know that there is a waiting list to receive the RFID cards at this time. If you sign up (or possibly already have access) with there is a link within the membership site in which you can request an RFID card. Please let us know if you need further assistance processing this request." 6/20/2011

Word from ECOtotality is that the EV spots will eventually be fitted with signage "EV parking only" to restrict non-EV vehicles. City Enforcement is a remaining question...

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Charging Stations For Electric Cars Unveiled In Balboa Park

I just used the Blink charger at Balboa, but only after calling ECOtotality and begging for someone to help me get access. Which they did within about 30 minutes...while I was walking around the THANK YOU ECOtotality field agent!

Why did I need assistance? No one thought it was important enough to note that one needs a BLINK access card to use the chargers, even during this free introductory phase. The need for an access card was news to another LEAF owner that pulled up as I was leaving. He decided to leave rather than wait for a field agent...

Another obstacle: All 3 BLINK parking spots near Fleet Science Center were occupied with non-EV's since there's no indication that the spots are for EV's only. At least no non-EV's were parked in any of the 7 spots near the Air and Space Museum. But, I'm not sure how long that will last if there's no indication that the spots are for EV's only.

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Building Farms In Cities

Have you checked out the Urban Farm at City College?

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One Of The First Leafs To Hit The Ground

Are you going to be working with the EV project? I hope your Blink charger comes in soon. An electrician that did a site assessment at my condo in March told me that he had experienced some delay in getting Blink chargers for some of his customers, but he also installs other types of chargers (e.g., Coulomb technologies Charge Point, AeroVironment EVSE-RS)

Back to your initial question, unfortunately, no, my condo parking garage has no 110/120V outlet for me to plug into. Even if there was an outlet from which I could safely run an extension cord, and still legally park my car, the HOA board and other home owners really don't want to pay for me to use "common area" electricity, and I would not want them to. After considering the expense to have wiring done for an EV charger or just a 120V outlet to my parking spot (after HOA approval), I had hoped to just plug in the trickle charger somewhere else or use a public charging station. It seemed simple enough, but, so far, none of the potential 110/120 V outlet locations have panned out for me. I thought there was going to be a public charging station a couple of blocks away from my condo (mentioned in the article), but there was no public charger. The Nissan sales associate did say that I could use their charger, so maybe I will just bring a good book and hang out there for 5 hours or so charging my car! Right now I have about 20 miles of charge left; it looks like I am going to get only 80 miles from a full charger rather than 100 miles.

Yesterday, I found out that my Board approved my charger installation (to be submetered so I will pay for the electricity I use). I'd like to get a couple more estimates before I get the work done. Does anyone have a list of contractors that are certified to install EV chargers?

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