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Comments made by drew15712

Family Of Stephanie Crowe To Finally Get Day In Court

I have read what has led up to this event, I am totally disgusted with how the police had chose to run this case and if that isn't bad enough I read this article and I find out the City Attorney still stands up for them. I got news for you Epp they didn't do their job properly you make a stupid comment excusing them for being under pressure? What do you think they did to Michael Crowe and his buddies, just invite them in to chat have coffee and doughnuts???? Do you even have an ounce of humanity or are you that daft you have to stick your head in the ground??? I hope the Crowe's sue the living crap out of you and totally destroy you in court because you and your crony police force deserve every slam that you get for this. There is no way I can tolerate heartless losers such as yourself here's a piece of advice find a new job, sorry but I feel very strongly about this major screw up and I hope the Crowe's get to enjoy the peace of mind and put this event to rest.

February 25, 2011 at 9:13 a.m. ( | suggest removal )