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Comments made by duckfeet

New "Together We End Homelessness" Sticker Created For OB

@SDR ... yep, about right on the phony 'counter sticker' b.s...made for a good story, guess, but it simply wasn't true...anybody who actually likes these lames need to go stand in the bathroom of the lifeguard main tower parking lot for a while some morning...get a good education in why no one wants to use the restrooms anymore...tweaker mecca...those of us who use the beach daily have seen what these loosers really are about: lazy, soft, youth, not too bright, combined with a low level thief ethic....they're bums, and they're no good, and they need to be helped down to the next level, which they'll arrive at, one way or another...

July 8, 2010 at 6:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

New "Together We End Homelessness" Sticker Created For OB

I live in Ocean Beach, right by the pier: long term resident, love my little raggedy beach town...(we've all seen what 'successful' commercialization has done to Pacific Beach and want no part of it). The newer breed of bums, tho, are a whole different problem...used to be, me and my bodysurfing bros would just shrug our shoulders and say "Well, they keep the rent down..." ...but rents haven't dropped noticeably with the latest infestation...

Trouble is, the pampered young boys who beg have gotten lot worse with regards behavior towards the citizens: regular thefts in the lifeguard parking lots combined with general rude behavior from this rougher segment has made even the most liberal diehards just get weary of the whole mess.

I have really old parents. I used to like to bring them down by the OB Wall on a sunday, just to walk around and see the they'd get harassed too much as obvious 'marks' for the predators.

A long time ago I was homeless and lost, a daily drunk, and didn't know which way to turn...the best thing that happened to me was not pity, but finally being held accountable for the choices I had made and continued to make...southern jails and AA did more good for me than any loose dollar bills I could spend on quarts of beer and drugs...when I finally could see what a pathetic creature I had become, I sought help, and slowly got back on my feet...the same help I received out there is readily available here in San these miscreants money is just cowardly...what they need are directions to the local daily AA meeting, or a weekend stay in the local jail...both places can be useful and informative...

Fear based acquiescence to the demands of intimidating beggars just propagates the wide spread belief that 'O.B. is a good place for hustling...' We gotta toughen up a bit and show some spine...'Don't feed the bums'...or rather: "Don't buy'em beer..."

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