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Comments made by dwatman

In Fence-Building, Border Security Trumps Conservation

This is a good report but I think they were off historically a little. Most of the protesting against enforcement they're talking about didn't start til a couple years after 9.11 in 2004 when authority was granted by congres to DHS to waive all the laws and increased in 2007 when the laws were waived to make way for the new infastructure. I don't think there were "swarms" of people crossing in the mid 90s (maybe in the 80s). Undocumented crossing had already moved to AZ by then after Operation Gatekeeper went into effect in '94. The article makes it sounds like there was chaos and protesting in the 90s and then the waiver squashed all that when the waiver was actually the beginning of the protesting since no one in the environmental camp nor human rights camp at the border thought that another wall at the border was necessary. That all said, Mike McCoy is a great advocate and long time hero and everything he's saying is acurate and insightful. The reporter just applied all this to the wrong time period and innacurately represented what spurred the protests and the government's motivation for the latest wall.

August 5, 2013 at 2:45 p.m. ( | suggest removal )