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Comments made by dylanmann

Coming Up For Air

My wife and I are slightly underwater with our condo. Because of my career, we are going to probably have to move within the next year. It seems like the best thing to do though is refinance and rent the place. This presents a bit of a logistical challenge, but it's something I think we can handle it. By renting, we avoid the negative hit to our credit that short-selling would give us. We won't see any cash either way, but by renting, we have the chance to gain equity in our home over time. Even a tiny bit of equity would be huge because it would get us back in the black and preserve our credit -- I think there's potential for significant appreciation if we hold it for at least five more years. Also, renting is not permanent. If the value doesn't recover (which I think is unlikely), we can still short-sell at any time.

October 8, 2010 at 9:14 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

More Parents Not Vaccinating Kids

Despite there being no cure, we have eradicated small pox, once the scourge of the world, thanks to comprehensive vaccination programs. In our lifetimes, we will see the end of incurable diseases like AIDS, polio, malaria, and African River Blindness, by prevented them from spreading thanks to vaccinations.

Many people are put off by the Western philosophy of fighting illnesses with only chemicals and surgery. This is absolutely valid. Vaccines, however, are not treatments for illness; instead, they galvanize your body's natural defenses. You can't think of them in the same vain as chemotherapy. They are injections of dead or almost dead forms of the disease they are intended to protect against. In the same way that vitamins increase the activity of our body's natural enzymes, vaccines increase the activity of our body's immune system.

If pharmaceuticals are the problem, vaccines are the solution!!! They prevent disease before it starts. I strongly object to parents "making a personal choice" because their kid is going to be next to my kid on the school playground. Like Tybye said, vaccines offer partial protection (and I want at least that for my kid), so if many kids are not protected, even those that are vaccinated are put at increased risk.

August 24, 2010 at 9:34 a.m. ( | suggest removal )