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Comments made by ebrown

Mayor Jerry Sanders Testifies in Prop. 8 Trial

Mayor Sanders,
Thank you so much you for standing proud next to your daughter and for fighting for her rights, because you don't know me but you are fighting for my son's rights as well and for that I thank you!!! Here is a poem dedicated to you and to all parents:


my surprise
after 25 years of marriage
people, with their babies, at the corners
“Honk to Protect Marriage”
Protect Marriage?
Sure, mine could use a bit of honking,
but protection?
From what?
For who?
All this protection
sounds to me like isolation,
and not a lot of introspection!

I am sad and disappointed
That people take money
maybe without thinking,
money that buys more hate
somehow all justified.
Money should never
the right to abolish anyone’s rights.

my surprise
as I read in the paper
that the Holier than thou
manufacturer of perfectly
crisp, ironed boys,
has been handing
cash to “bums”
on the corners.
No, not the ones
waving “Hungry” signs,
But the affluent
with beautifully crafted signs
and their 2.5 children by their side.
The ones with white picket fences that open up
to file divorce papers
at hypocritical,
shameful rates
that seem to just
be climbing up.

So I cried.
Life is so hard for my son.
I saw him grow up; this was NOT a choice.
I know for a fact, given a chance,
is not what he would grab
from the goody bag
in the Almighty’s hands.

Imagine my surprise
when he hugged me
and bravely said,
“Don’t worry mom,
we’ll just reorganize
and keep on fighting”

is my son”

I know you won’t be surprised
if I fight to the death
to protect my son’s
precious rights!

But you may be surprised,
that I thank all the Gods
that I once had the right to marry
gave birth
and now get to see,
my son discover,
a purpose,
from a pile of hate, heroes can emerge,
his purpose bigger than him,
he now knows,
he is just building,
like so many others,
building a road,
that will be used, by others, to safely,
and rightly travel.

Erika Brown

February 3, 2010 at 9:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Many Layers, And S.D. Connections To Male Circumcision Debate

Thank you for the opportunity to finally publicly voice my anger at the doctor that told me (I was 22 I am now 47) that I should let my husband decide if my son should be put through torture, I did not know what was the best thing to do and so I agreed to let the men choose. When my son was brought to me I started crying (like I am now) because he had clearly had been hurt without any TRUE AND GOOD REASON. My sister never allowed any knife to touch her son's penis and he is a healthy and wonderfully happy young men that has not suffered from all those all the old wife tales that I was told, infections and cancer. DON"T DO IT, it is outdated and if you teach a child to wash well he does not have to suffer from infections. My son was in tremendous pain and I have never forgiving myself for not having known better.

February 3, 2010 at 9:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )