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Comments made by echosierraalpha

Firing Juan


I would like to point out that your views of Islam are highly biased. As to your comment on Jews:

Obviously, the Muslims that hid the Jews were only hiding them from Nazis at their own risks for the sole purpose of killing them for sport later on /sarcasm

How about Israel?
what is that? bulldozing their houses, cutting off basic supplies/ building materials/ preventing growth and calling in disproportionate air strikes on cities/ refugee camps will turn people into desperate revenge seekers? How could we POSSIBLY see that coming? what is that? using f***ing white phosphorus on a densely populated area is against the Geneva conventions?

its ok! they are only scary Muslim brown people! its not like they are real humans(tm) after all!! right? and their anger at us for doing so is completely unjustified, hence so is their hate against Jews right?(and the U.S, seeing how we supplied those weapons (inc. the white phosphorus!) and fund them)

and its not like Iran (which hates the U.S.'s, though that's mostly our fault since we installed the shah and everything... talk about biting us in the ass), a predominantly Muslim country, has the largest Jewish population outside of Israel and the US right? and it is also not true that the Jewish population is protected under their constitution!! /sarcasm

About women:

As of around half a century ago, the burka is seen nowhere on earth. its only relatively new and limited only to the Middle East/ Northern Africa. Indeed NOWHERE in the Quran does it state that women must wear burkas, All it asks for is for some modesty, like a head scarf commonly found prior to the introduction of the Burka (still worn in Indonesia and malaysia.) Frankly, the head scarf is no more demeaning to women as a girl wearing a skirt is in the western world.

regarding treating women as property/mistreatment: the bible is NOT contrary to common beliefs, a paragon of ethics; for example:

"Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, ... nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor's." In the Bible, women are the property of men; they are his possessions like an ox or an ass. 20:17

God explains how to go about selling your daughter and what to do if she fails to please her new master. 21:7

God's instructions for taking a second wife. 21:10

more wonderful quotes here:

and lets discuss gays shall we? when is the last time you heard of an openly gay (non pedophilia) priest, or hell, how many popes are openly gay? furthermore, the U.S, the country that believes that everyone is born equal and fair... still does not allow gay marriage, despite there being no legal reason not too... in fact, there are several reasons as to why legally speaking, it should happen.

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