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Comments made by ehopida

President Obama Outlines Goals For Middle East

@ Syber They've alienated Israel because, Israel has in fact violated more security council resolutions than any other nation-state. Israel and US always claims bias from the UN when it suits them but invokes international law and security council resolutions on others. Its called hypocrisy. All we have to do is look at mainstream human rights orgs and they will say the same thing about Israeli treatment of the palestinians.

Try going from one town to another in West Bank. What naturally would take 20 minutes would take 2-6 hours due to checkpoints.

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President Obama Outlines Goals For Middle East

Syber - Palestinians and the rest of the international community want an end to the occupation. It is not a question of should Israel do consessions, if we are to take international law seriously, they are obliged to leave the territory.

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President Obama Outlines Goals For Middle East

It is interesting that John Warren mentioned Gaza and how they did a supposed land swap. A little history lesson and facts on the ground from human rights organizations. Yes they removed settlements but the Israeli government continues to control all the borders, including airspace and coastline. Btselem wrote a report called One Big Prison which shows how constricted Gaza is.

1967 borders indefensible? Isn't Israel the 4th most powerful military in the world? International law is pretty clear...Israel is occupying land that is not recognized as theirs.

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Recent Hate Crimes Prompt Community Summit

The last caller on this segment who was fearful of "Wahhabist" and "preaching the ideas of Osama bin Laden" in City Heights shows exactly why Council on American Islamic Relations San Diego and the 75 other faith based and civil rights organizations formed the United for a Hate Free San Diego and organized the Hate Crimes Summit last night. This type of fear and misunderstanding can potentially lead to hate motivated incidents against Muslims in San Diego. Our organization has actually catalogued many incidents of discrimination against Muslims as well as hate motivated incidents.

There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the Muslim community. I do not know where the caller got his information, but just because Muslims wear their cultural dress does not make them Wahhabis and does not mean they support or espouse the views of Osama bin Laden. I would recommend he visit a local Islamic center in San Diego and to see for himself what our Imams and Muslim community leaders actually teach.

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