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Comments made by ematus

SD Writers Ink: Poetry With Steve Kowit -- 02/02/13 at The Ink Spot, 710 13th St Studio 210 San Diego CA 92101

I have not heard nearly enough from KPBS about the palestinian/jewish friendships and their call for peace in the middle east. As a matter of fact the first I had heard of any of the articles I read on Steve Kowit's web page was when I visited his web site today 04/07/2013.

This county and this country needs to toss the "pro" and "anti" positions aside and drive straight into the "what is" and focus on the pain and loss and the potentials that would come from peaceful coexistence.

Every day this confict continues is a failure of the whole world to cure a festering sore that has plagued the earth's body, not since 1948 but for millenia. How long can we ignore what so urgently needs resolution? The lessons of resolving this conflict will seep into conflicts around the world and perhaps give rise to a "Human Spring" of conflicts ending and peace breaking out aournd the world. The only losers would be the media, who would have to report on art, and flower growing and other bloodless activities.

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NRC Chair Gets Update At San Onofre As The Plant Sits Idle

This report seems to indicate that "like-for-like" is indispute:

Page 7 | Fairewinds Associates | Steam Generator Failure at San Onofre

Also vibration and and rubbing is not the only things that cause wear. A steam tube can erode internally due to turbulence generated in the steam flow.

You can call on US Navy HP Steam Plant engineers who are used to dealing with steam tube wear. It's not just a problem of Nuclear plants.

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Curious Origins Of The Wings of Freedom Sculpture

I look at the new concept and the original concept and conclude the project was hijacked by someone. The original concept had some great functionality but was somewhat crude in it's artistry. While the latest proposal looks nonsequitur to the surroundings and each wing to the other. If you look at the Sydney Opera House the shapes are complimentary which the "Wings of Freedom" (yes that name is hokey and not an improvement over "Harbor Wings") are not. A series of perhaps three wings which start as a conventional sail shape and progress through a modern wing shape and end with a futuristic shape would at this size be something that might be appreciated by all cultures and levels of artistic appreciation. Have wind tunnel tests been performed by the current proposed piece. It looks like it might present an engineering problem during stormy winds from directions that don't occur very often. Three wings in close proximity could present a shape that would break up any direction's wind and reduce risk of a collapse or stress failures as the piece ages.

Looks like a little more work on artistry and engineering is needed but I agree and "World Class Art Piece" would be a benefit to promoting San Diego as a destination.

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Schools Figure To Suffer More From State Budget Shortfall

This is a good time for school systems to abandon the conservatives "back to basics, 3Rs" approach and move to a "It takes a village" Socratic style education. Each kid is taught not how to memorize and to recognize (the lowest forms of knowledge and instead is taught how to learn. They can be supervised at higher densities per instructor because they begin as early as they can to becoming self taught.

The massive overhead of over-paid administrative level educators/planner can accomplish real work developing and running (vice destroying and eliminating) Socratic approaches implementing community/private resources and technology. Existing schools can become the centers for this approach as well as resources for evaluation, physical education, and other activities that require centralized infrastructure.

Very successful programs have existed but amazingly dispite their success are continuosly deleted for political reasons. The US needs not only to compete but to find a cost effective way to stay ahead of the rest of the world's future workers.

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Occupy Wall Street Comes To San Diego

The cause of the economic collapse is two fold:
1. The dismantling of the protections applied after the Depression
2. The success of Reaganomics and the failure of "The Trickle Down Economy"
This led to both the housing bubble and allowing Corporations and the Wealthy to take control of the nation's wealth.

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The U.S. Debt Crisis - What Does It Mean To San Diego?

All of this doomsaying is interesting until one looks at the National Debt and realizes that the US WWII debt was 120% of GDP and we lowered it to 40% of GDP by the end of the Johnson administration. We need to pay the debt down but over a couple of decades. The debt will shrink relative to inflation during that time and partly due to increasing GDP. Delaying when cuts kick in is just good common sense since cuts this year and next will keep unemployment high.

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New Calif. Prison Plan

I have heard State people describe that it costs less to house inmates in local county facilities than prisons. So do it. It we have the money to over crowd the prisons then we have the money to distribute the population to the county jails. The funding would occur the same way any prisoner transfer occurs. When you move a prisoner, money is transferred to feed, clothe and care for that prisoner through the current bookkeeping.

It sounds like all the official hand-wringing is about trying to game the system for some advantage. The State is grandstanding to try and alter the current costs with the county so they can show a larger budget cut. While the Counties are grandstanding to ensure they get the most funding possible out of this situation.

There are 33 prisons and about 57 County Jails so to begin with the crowding can be alleviated to some degree just by transferring some inmates. The instead of debating the decision, doing the job they're paid to do the least dangerous should be going into probation programs. We don't need to debate this we need to do it. The probation program is far cheaper than housing so there is no funding issue. They have an accounting department and can transfer funds just as jails and prisons can.

The real question is how much money is being wasted by all of the official hand-wringing? The decision has been handed down and if the people in charge where doing their jobs then they would be determining how many county beds are available, in which counties and moving inmates to those available beds. Already a couple of weeks of idle gossip has been expended at taxpayer expense?

This whole three strikes, panacea; just like the prop 13 panacea is, as are all panaceas, is a debacle, that has allowed politicians and contractors to game the system for billions of dollars while NOT providing adequate services/support.

I can't wait for the next panacea that's tossed to the voters in one of California's famously, cryptically worded proposals. This state used to be a hopeful state that was determined to conquer poverty, crime, illiteracy, etc. now all you hear is, "we can't, we need more money." Welcome to "Hotel California!"

If doing something, that has failed, the same way, failing multiple times, is a definition of insanity; then we are justified in putting the entire state legislature in a mental institution and declaring them incompetent by reason of insanity.

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Balboa Park Parking Plan Draws Fire

I like the idea of closing the plaza to cars!

Looking at pictures of Toledo Spain there is one showing a driveway going to the right of the town that has charm because it is made with a natural rock wall vice metal railings.

All I heard is the opposition obstinately overstating his position, continuously, against this change. I hope both principals get together and create a hidden parking area, and access drive, that enhances the foundation (currently NOT picturesque) as well as moving the parking out of the Plaza. The current drawings show too modern looking a structure no matter how well hidden. It needs to be period looking. Natural stone treatment or blending concrete arches into the drive's exposed side could help,.

Chula Vista

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Political Analysis: The Proposed Sale Of The Del Mar Fairgrounds

Wet lands! Yes, do not touch the remaining 10% of the counties wetlands.

As a matter of fact there should be a moratorium on ANY wetland use! And anytime the county tries to override the moratorium it should be on a 2 for 1 basis where two acres wetland replacement/rejuvenation is exchanged for 1 acre of wetland use.

The fact is that every time it rains the county is indicted for it's short sightedness and negligence in the construction of the storm drain system. The money pumped into that system should have involved catch ponds and major wetland rejuvenation as a natural filtration system for the storm drain water. Instead every time it rains tens of thousands of water users pay with recreation days lost or exposure to chemicals and infections.

Its the same kind of shortsightedness that causes people to build groins instead of rip-rap islands to prevent beach erosion which passes the erosion problem to the next stretch of beach down steam of the littoral transport.

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Tuition Increases Approved for UC, CSU Students

My wife and I make a upper middle class salaries and when you state that we can afford to send out kids to UCSD we stare at each other completely astounded. What planet are you living on? IAW the estimated costs are over 27,000 per year to go to National University for one year taking 12 courses is around 10,800. In other words their private fees and tuition is less than yours.

KPBS just sat there mute while the Provost peddled her version of the story obviously KPBS had not done any research to ask any insightful questions. Like how much the Provost and other UCSD Managers' salaries have gone up the last decade? More or less than the Cost of Living?

I listened to this kind of drivel in the 70's in Michigan when I was never qualified for any assistance due to my middle class family's income. It took military service and many decades to earn my degrees. This story was a poor effort.

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