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Emily Richards is a singer, songwriter, pianist, activist, and entrepreneur--with 12 self-released albums, over 3 million unique downloads and 5 complete TuneTrack-LPs. Known internationally as a digital music pioneer, Emily was the most downloaded pop/rock artist on is now leading an entirely new kind of digital music revolution as the artist Snowflake on (today's most prominent experiment in free music culture). Ms. Richards is currently recording her 13th album, Open, and its creation is uniquely intertwined with ccMixter's motto -- "Download. Cut-up. Sample. Share."

Emily performs soul-bending concerts worldwide -- especially focused on sustainability, peace, and innovation of both technology and art. Emily, and her guitarist Jason Brock, perform yearly at the National Biodiesel Conference, sharing the stage with other sustainability supporters Wiillie Nelson, Melissa Etheridge and Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones). Through the internationally acclaimed R4 Project at ccMixter (Recyle, Reuse, Reduce, Remix), Richards and Brock launched the Brown Album: Fuel for the Future and Orange Album: Harmony Reloaded at 2010's NBB conference in Dallas. In addition to the NBB, Emily and Jason perform regularly for Earth Dance, Earth Fair, Burning Man, Solfest, the Department of Peace, ANSWER and more.

Before locating to San Diego in 2005, Ms. Richards spent six soul-forming years in Los Angeles. Partnering closely with Grammy-winner John Jones and Digidesign genius Sean Halley, Emily released nine albums and performed 3 international tours. The year of 2004, Richards and Brock toured with Rock the Vote and AWAKE Community--registering voters at concerts and keynotes--sharing a non-partisan message of peace, responsibility and sustainabily. Summer ‘03, Hard Rock Café and RADD supported her west regional tour that included drunk driving presentations to high schools and colleges. During her reign, Richards was selected from 70,000 independent artists to headline the 50-city Club Summer 2000 Tour sponsored by House of Blues. It was on this tour that Emily's 19-year-old sister Annie, was tragically killed by a drunk driver. Emily refers to Annie's passing as "the most difficult, changing event of my life." In both 2005 and 2006, Emily performed for the Congresional Stop DUI Caucus on Capitol Hill in Annie's memory.

Richards recorded her first album in Nashville in 1995-96, as part of a special program conducted by Cinemark Movie Theaters, spearheaded by Kevin Carmony. After opening for Martina McBride during the Olympic Torch Across America celebration in 1996, Carmony became Richards' manager.

Emily’s songs can be heard on commercial radio stations from her childhood home of Salt Lake City, Utah, to as far away as Dublin, Ireland and Bordeaux, France as well as on commercial and college radio stations across the US. The highest quality offerings of her albums are available at TuneTrack. in her Listening Lounge and her music is available for purchase at Amazon, CDBaby, or iTunes.

Emily is co-founder and CEO of ArtisTech Media. She was a CPA for PricewaterhouseCoopers from 1993 to 2004 and served as the President of MP3tunes from 2004 to 2008. Emily is a yoga instructor and danced with the modern company's RDT in Salt Lake City and Martin Dancers in Los Angeles. Emily studied music and dance at the University of Utah and graduated Magna Cumme Laude with a bachelor of science in accounting. Emily began playing piano at age 4, songwriting at age 11, and soloist singing at age 13.

Get inside access to Emily's happenings by joining the Green, Blue or Purple Room in her Listening Lounge.


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