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Comments made by eminamide

Local Writer Victim Of Imposter Account On Facebook

This was an interesting discussion, and for the first time (in my life) I was considering picking up the phone and trying to call in...but there was no phone calling. We've experienced (actually, are still experiencing) a similar situation, though fortunately not as offensive. My husband is a public high school teacher, and apparently one or two of his students created a fake profile of him. While the profile is harmless, we want it taken down. So far all our attempts to get Fb to remove it have been futile. We did everything we could, including having friends visit the fake profile and click the appropriate button reporting the profile as an impostor. It's extremely frustrating that a company this size has no customer service contact number that would allow us to streamline the process. I read some of the comments on Ms. Smith's Salon article and was annoyed (but not surprised) that many of the comments dismissed her article as "whining" or not understanding social media. I've gotten the same sort of response from my own children. "You want all the benefits but don't like the risks...." It may be true that Facebook doesn't charge for its services, so perhaps we should take what we get. But I can't help but feel that if they offer a service (like "report impostor"), the service should actually work. I read the sidebar response from Facebook about "improved" reporting function, but I'm assuming it won't be any different.

June 23, 2011 at 1:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )