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Comments made by ennui

Local Enthusiasts Discuss Future Of Space Exploration

In 1967 I discovered the technology of the Flying Saucer.
I offered it as a Birthday Present to my adopted Country, Canada, Canada was 100 years old.
The Government Scientists rejected and ridiculed it up to four months after the Patents were granted.
Then, as they had lost "face", they called it a Minor Invention and No Funds to develop it.

I contacted Nasa in 1980 and was asked to send a copy of the Patent to the Cleveland, Ohio , Propulsion Lab.
A letter came back: "Not interested, thank you for the copy of your Patent!"
Yes, who would need them if we could fly to the Moon in an hour?

Even now, a Shuttle could be equipped with a new propulsion system that would allow it to take off VTOL, fly and land on the Moon, stay there for a while and return.
The slow descent would not need heating tiles. There would have been no worry about radiation, as the forcefield would protect the crew.

A Flying Saucer does not use rocket fuel, oil, or nuclear power.
It "taps" energy right out of the aether.

I suspect that Tesla used it to power his electric Pierce Arrow car in 1931.
He did not dare to divulge how it worked, as he realized that it also could be used to power homes anywhwere, anytime, all over the world.
The investors of the Niagara Falls Power Plant, Pierpont Morgan and Rockefeller , would have had him killed, then and there. He did not take a patent out.

Notwithstanding Nasa's claim that it would take ten years to develop a new technology, they are misinforming the public, it has been here for quite a while..

Fund me with $50 Million and we will have it working in two years.

Spin-offs? About one thousand . Work? Millions of jobs.

Who should have all this? The USA, Russia or India?

Whoever rules Space, rules the World.


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