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The Impact of California's Biggest Tax Revolt

It is clear that those who at the time as well as those who still support Prop 13 live with a southern philosophy. Does anyone even realize Jarvis put the state of California on the same path as Orange Country for which he lived. The very county that filed for bankruptcy and it would seem the state of California is on the same path.

I myself was born in a state that prides itself on low taxes while it citizens are rated 50th in every category of Economics, Education and Jobs. I've also lived in 3rd world countries were the majority of the people do not pay taxes, a great majority are forced to leave their families behind for years and its military is unable to defend the nation.

I agree accountability is a must for politicians but for the people to dumb themselves down to the level of the southern states is tantamount to self destruction. An ignorant populace is a populace with no freedom, like the lady side in the segment, you have the you on your own and we're in this together. A people united can kick the bums out of office and a divide people will have a legislature like what exists today in California.

The retired bunch froze California and is basically allowing it to die with them. States like Texas is soaking up lots the California Industries without Prop 13 and its seen as one of the must favorable tax states in the nation. I bet most Californian didn't know Texans pay as high as 3+% in property Taxes like myself.

Cost of living in California is hindered by Home prices, its the core and there needs to be a balance. For example Senior should be given a Tax exemption based on age, homestead and eventually grandfathered out of paying property taxes based on income. For all of you who think home prices can rise forever, wake up, the current economics are your wake up call.

March 29, 2010 at 11:48 p.m. ( | suggest removal )