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How San Diego County Deals With Severe Mental Illness

Dr, Garcia stated that issues against implementing Laura's Law involve stakeholder participation, coerced treatment, civil liberties and costs. Over 500 stakeholders from public safety, family members, mental health professionals and those with major mental illnesses have signed a petition of support. This law was vetted by the CA State Attorney General's office and supported by the ACLU for LPS Reform. There are due process protections incorporated into the law, including the right to court-appointed legal representation and habeas corpus. It does not force treatment. Even though treatment may be court ordered, the "participant" is not required to accept it and cannot be arrested for failing to honor either the court order or a settlement agreement. However, most do accept the judge's order. This law reinforces the right of those who are not aware of their illness so that they can get the treatment and recovery help that will help them recover while protecting the rights of society from possible harm. Laura's Law saves money as has been evidenced by its implementation in Nevada County and other areas of the country. Must it take a devastating incident in our county before we implement it?

December 18, 2012 at 3 p.m. ( | suggest removal )