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Comments made by evilgirl

125 More San Diego Homeless Provided With Housing

I am pretty sure no one is going to read this old article. There is a woman whos been living on the streets in San Diego in her late 50's she looks or lots older, its hard to tell with her skin so bruised up. She seems to stay on this eletrical box on el cajon blvd between the cvs and some bank. I have pulled over of late being it was christmas and gave her some money. It was not as much as i would of liked, she seemed to be mentally handicapped some. Spoke of her clothes sticking to her flesh, being wet, no bathrooms, she needed a new pair of pants, but she could not have just any pair of pants see, they had to be a certain kind of sweat pants? I brought her this big heavy coat that i never wear and she did not want it because it had no zipper pockets in it. To bad no one seems to care much that she has nothing, no where to go! Where is the city to help woman??

December 27, 2011 at 11:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )