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Comments made by ewilder

Cooking Up Comfort Food

thanks for all the great restaurant recommendations! i moved here a few months ago from Providence, RI and i find the size of San Diego and number of restaurants overwhelming. i would love to see a list posted here of all the restaurants mentioned in this show. a suggestion for Maureen: please prompt any guest who describes a restaurant in detail to repeat the name again after the description. what was the name of the Chinese dumpling place? i missed the first part of that comment.

what a popular topic! i waited on hold for 25 minutes. i called in response to the comment about most comfort foods being meat-based. last winter i made a lot of miso soup in RI and i decided that it is my vegetarian equivalent of chicken soup - nourishing, somewhat salty, usually bland but totally satisfying. the miso soup i make at home started with what i had eaten in Japanese restaurants and expanded from there. i boil a cup or two of water, take it off the heat and add a large spoonful of miso (varies with taste and how much water you use), which must be stirred in - before this, when the water is boiling, i add a pinch of dried seaweed, thinly sliced Chinese black mushrooms (must be soaked first for 20-30 min), a handful (or more) of tofu cubes and noodles if i really want a hearty meal. after i have added the miso, i add sliced scallion and sometimes fresh mushrooms.

miso soup can be a little warm-up midday or a filling dinner on a cold night. experiment to see what you like best. my boyfriend sometimes adds soy sauce and chili oil or chili flakes.

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