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Comments made by eye_pay_attention

Former Mayors Sanders, Hedgecock, Wilson Reflect On Years In Office

Gloria Penner would have conducted a fair and balanced interview of these former San Diego Mayors. The disclaimer that KPBS contacted other former Mayors but they were not available doesn't do justice the the kind of non-partisan journallism I expect from "public" broadcasting. If no opposing voice is available to provide a more balanced review of these political issues then cancel the interview. Ms. Pico just let these 3 particularly partisan mayors speak without any counter. Pete Wilson was a champion of anti-imigrant politics and created re-development agencies that shifted 12% of property tax dollars from public services to developers. PBS broadcast an excellent Frontline documentary recently that exposed the catastrophic failure of 401K retirement plans riddled with exxcessive and hidden fees depleting fund gains but Ms. Pico let these particular mayors get away with arrogant and false claims about their failure to properly fund defined benefit pensions as promised to city workers. I really am disappointed with this biased presentation. I miss Gloria Penner.

May 3, 2013 at 4:52 a.m. ( | suggest removal )