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Comments made by faeryedark

National Push For Chelsea's Law Gets Backing From Ex-Facebook Counsel

espila, you don't have any idea what it's like to live with a loved one on the public "hit-list". My hubby is on for life due to AWA for a misdemeanor of Indecent Asault for supposedly touching OVER clothing in the breast area of a girl who claims she was around 8 when it happened
Yeah, cos every 8 year old i know of has breasts...Anyway, not only is my (and my children's home) listed publicly but we worry every day that some idiot lawmaker will get a bill passed that would make us move or keep us from using parks (as a family), that our taxes pay for.
I'm sick to death of our freedoms being threatened in the name of 'public safety"
My ancestors came to this country in 1720. They left the Europe so they could be FREE. They didn't come because it was safe. It wasn't safe, there were many dangers,just the sea voyage itself was dangerous, but their freedom, was worth it.
My how our values have changed in nearly 300 years

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