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Comments made by fallbrookcoasterrider

NCTD Chief Answers Questions About Agency Turnover

What an arrogant man! Hasn't KPBS given both Tucker and the board numerous opportunities to respond to questions and allegations? Yet they have refused to comment on them. That shows how little credibility can be given to Tucker and the board. I'm wondering why the state AG hasn't reviewed the business practices of NCTD and its board. We taxpayers need to make our voices heard in Sacramento and DEMAND a comprehensive review into NCTD's polices and procedures, and a state-lead audit into their finances.

Both the board and the administration need to be held accountable for the loss of taxpayers money. Tucker needs to be fired. If the board lacks the balls to do it, then the board needs to go to.

PEOPLE - look who's on the board! Don't continue to vote into office members that can't even run a organization. How can they effectively run your district/city/area?

Bill Horn, Don Mosier, Tony Kranz, Ed Gallo, Gary Felien, Rebecca Jones, Mike Nichols & John Aguilera - you're on notice. Do something or next election, YOU maybe out of a job. Hmmm, I don't think you get severance pay when you lose an election, do you?

July 3, 2014 at 10:07 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Managers Continue To Leave North County Transit District, Severance Adds Up

Why won't the Board comment? Shouldn't they be accountable to the taxpaying public for the actions taken by the CEO and the continuing mess he creates? Why are they remaining silent? Makes me wonder what he's got over them... I urge the State Attorney General's office or the SD County Grand Jury to get involved and force the Board to be accountable. I am a taxpayer and am shocked that this CEO continues to reign over NCTD and the Board. What will it take to get rid of Tucker and the Board members he rules over? As a public transit rider I hope it doesn't take a preventable tragic accident before actions are taken. The employees, the bus drivers, and the train operators deserve a capable, accountable CEO and Board, as do all the transit riders. Since the Board can't seem to get rid of Tucker, why don't we get rid of NCTD? The operations should be merged into the San Diego Transit System.

June 9, 2014 at 6:21 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

"War On Women Over 40": Lawsuit Claims Age, Gender Bias At NCTD

How much more evidence before the board takes action? All the allegations from misuse of funds to lack of security to now discrimination shows that problems with NCTD will continue until he is removed from position. I'm disguised that in this day and age a "Mad Men" mentality is still acceptable. And as a woman of color who is over 40, I have experienced discrimination first hand. I find his actions against these women as offense as the n-word. I wish I could say that I am shocked that another person of color could discriminate anyone, but I'm not with what has become evident of his character in court papers and media outlets. His actions have made him the Filner of north county. But who really needs to be held accountable is the NCTD board. To let this conduct continue, is a liability that I hope the board is held accountable to one day. I know of at least a half a dozen persons that are now taken their own cars to work in response to Mr. Tucker. actions over the past year. That's money out of the transit's pockets. The board should at least think about that even if their not concerned with moral/ethical values.

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NCTD To Change Email Retention Policy From 2 Years To 60 Days

OUTRAGEOUS! If the Board agrees to this policy they will actually be telling the public that NCTD is above the law, and that since there won't be any tracks to follow, they will continue the practices that got them into this situation in the first place. What does that mean? Declines in bus routes, disabled persons treated as burdens, safety of all passengers an afterthought, and continued outsourcing of jobs to save money for the executives raises.
Besides continuing these deplorable practices, in a time when people across the nation if not the world, are asking of governments and business to be transparent, this policy is a slap in the face to all of us. I implore everyone to sign the petition.

July 17, 2013 at 7:20 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

FTA Looking Into North County Transit District

It's about time they are looking into things! I DON'T know how someone can feel safe knowing that the security guards admitted that they aren't properly trained, and that there were issues with the Sprinter. I DON'T believe it's efficient or reliable for disabled persons to be dropped off hours early or picked up hours late, or investing in poorly managed contracts. I DO believe that ELECTED officials like the board of NCTD should be held accountable and owe the taxpayers more than "no comment." I DO believe the management at NCTD especially Mr. Tucker should be held accountable for they're misuse of taxpayers money by investing in contracts without competitive bidding (lazy, corrupt or just plain stupid?) and then failing to manage those contracts by making sure the companies followed them. And I DO believe that the FTA is right in investigating further and making sure the board members, heads at NCTD, and the contracted compaines be held accountable.

June 19, 2013 at 5:59 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

North County Rail And Bus Service Suffers Without Contract Oversight

Wow! Reading this makes me not want to take public transit anymore - at least not with NCTD. How can passangers feel safe when brakes are faulty, drivers might be doped up, and the money that should be going to training security for emergencies is going to recruiters for finding jobs that have a revolving door on them due to poor management? As a NC taxpayer AND a rider, I want my money back. I do NOT want it to go into the pockets of individuals that don't care of the safety of their customers.

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Transit Agency’s Revolving Door Costs Big, Causes Turmoil

This is disgusting. Why does Mr. Tucker still have his job? There is no reason for such a high turnover rate other than poor management. Can someone please show me some evidence that Mr. Tucker deserves his salary? How can he possible justify spending so much on recruiting, especially when bigger transit districts and cities spend much less? Why isn't that money going into - oh, I don't know - making the Sprinter, Compass, and adding more frequent bus stops? (Though he says that rider mileage has increased, what is in their published reports shows differently.) Tucker is throwing away money. I say the board needs to throw him out. Maybe the best expense they could spend would be for U-Haul for him back to Virginia.

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