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Comments made by fauxrs

Is America A Christian Nation?

I didnt hear what I really expected to hear. the author is correct of course that the US isnt a christian nation, but I dont think it has anything to do with the fact that we dont act in accordance with scripture. I cant think of a time in the history of the world when christians followed scripture en masse, certainly individuals might have, but entire nations of christians? unlikely.

Its to do with the fact that the constitution makes no mention of religion beyond saying the government cannot endorse one religion over another. If the founding fathers intended the US to be a christian nation with laws derived from christian doctrine they could have done a much better job mentioning that in the consitution. On the contrary, they made sure that there would be no religious test to serve in the governemtn, they made sure that no religion would be preferred over another.

Further not all the founding fathers were christians, many were deists who while they believed a god existed, they didnt all accept the divinity of jesus or even the bible itself. Thomas Jefferson being an excellent example, his personal bible was a redacted version that removed all the miracles and notions of the divinity of Jesus, it also didnt include anything to do with the ressurection. Hardly mainstream christian thought.

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