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Comments made by fcolver

Desert Jackrabbit Homesteads Inspire Artists

I was working in my garage at my "jackrabbit homestead" yesterday where KPBS is always on the radio. You can imagine how surprised I was when this segment came on the air. What a coincedence that I was actually at my homestead property, I don't live there all the time, and listening to the report. I am the fourth owner of the parcel my house (I call it a cabin) is on and the second owner of the parcel next door (11 acres all together). The house is still mostly as it was built and modified by the original homesteader and is about 700 square feet. I have heard that the original minimum required was a house 20' x 20' and an outhouse.

It is the outhouses that have become little historical monuments. There was a lot of individual character put into some of those outhouse designs. On my place I have kept intact, although non-functional (I have indoor modern plumbing) the original outhouses on both parcels. The one near my house is quaint in that the structure is partly rock, partly coregated tin, and partly wood. Three different building materials in one tiny structure! It now serves as a bedroom for a roadrunner who enters through the broken window. Two roadrunners produced a baby in there several years ago. So the old outhouse lives on! Unfortunately, the outhouses give in to the ravages of the harsh desert weather even faster than the homes and are disappearing from the old homesteads.

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