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Comments made by fleesimson

The Future of Marriage and Non-Traditional Relationships

I tuned in late, in the second half of this segment, and was glad to find this transcript. I didn't realize that today was a rebroadcast.

My partner and I were introduced to the concept of polyamory at a social retreat we attended some years ago. The presenters urged us, if we were truly interested, to read Dossie Easton's book, as preparation for discussion and coming to understanding between us. I ordered a copy from a local bookstore. Since my partner has difficulty reading due to dyslexia, we chose for me to read aloud a few chapters at a time each night as we were in bed together before we went to sleep. This might be a good time to reread it.

Dossie Easton is right on the mark about Jealousy:
"EASTON: Yeah, and I want to agree with David. I could not agree more that this is the work of it, that it’s very serious work. I do find the work to be healing....Deborah Anapol, who wrote “Love Without Limits” says, I think very eloquently, that the only way out of jealousy is through it. The real myth about jealousy is that it is an emotion that is unmanageable, that it’s not negotiable, that it’s intolerable, that it’s somehow magically more terrible than any other more difficult emotion we deal with in life. It isn’t."

I might add that ANY relationship is serious work, and it is continuous. I discovered that the people in my life who had trouble in their (capital M) Marriages never learned that. Our (small m) "marriage-like" partnership has been greatly enhanced by what we learned from this book.

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