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Comments made by floravictor

Producer's Perspective: What I Learned In Prison

I have to agree with Frankcourser and chastize this reporter. This prison is at double capacity and most education and rehabilitation has ended directly due to the influence of the prison guard union. They use the huge sums of money generated by the union dues of the highest paid prison guards in the world to influence political votes and get ballot measures passed by paying for TV ads that scare the public and twist the truth about the California prisons. These are facts, read them in the LA Times, Sacramento Bee and San Jose Mercury, as well as dozens of other papers throughout California. Yes, our prisons are counterproductive,as is most of our criminal justice system at this time. And overlooking the huge role of the CCPOA, California Correctional Peace Officers Association, is one of the major impediments to reforming our inhumane, unconstitutional, immoral system that continues to incarcerate the poor, people of color, mentally ill and substance abusers at the highest cost of any prison in the country. Laura Sullivan's report on Folsom Prison states that 75% our our prison costs go to CCPOA salaries.

February 2, 2010 at 2:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )