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Comments made by flyandi

Review: 'Skyline'

Pretty interesting movie. It's definitely not your every day movie with a fully scripted story. But still somehow realistic.

I see it this way: A group of Los Angeles party people - mid 20s, no children, medium to high income - wake up in the morning to realize that we are not "alone". What happens next could really be the reality: From pulling out the .45 and go on the roof to asses the situation - to make the decision that the only way out of this is by boat... but than again: Los Angeles Party People.

What me bothers are the many illogical parts in the movie. I assume that our technologies are advanced enough to discover a fleet of spaceships of this size long before they arrive here plus how do they know that our brains can be used as their "batteries"? Even worse it appears that their whole technology was built for harvesting "human" brains. I have to assume that humans have a far greater exposure in the Galaxy than just our planet or maybe not? Maybe a second part will this explain this further.

I like the idea that each alien unit (from humanoid to spaceship) is an independent life form. In fact it seems that they are more animals than intelligent life forms. Probably they are some failed experiment of another race. Again maybe part 2 will shed some lights on it.

While the "story" shows kind of real behavior of helpless human beings, many parts of the movie from nuking a harvester ship to flying a helicopter across alien drones are not, which basically brings the whole movie down.

My take is that many people are unprepared for any kind of event: Earthquakes, Financial Breakdown or even an Alien Attack - and that probably most will give up and or render them helpless.

April 25, 2011 at 12:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )