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What Fuels Atheism in America?

In January 1990 Dr. Vijayam of Atheist Centre, India, visited San Diego. The religion editor at the UNION interviewed him [Saturday January 13, 1990, p. B-5].

Anybody who doesn't yet know that atheists do good charitable work should take a look at Atheist Centre. They maintain two hospitals, fifteen schools and three farms. They rescue girls from the jogin caste (temple prostitutes). They teach literacy. And the provincial police authorities endorse Atheist Centre's work in exposing the fraudulent "miracle workers," claims of witchcraft, and allegedly supernatural gurus.

"Morality is a social necessity," says Dr. Vijayam. "Religion talks about it, but Atheists and Humanists practice it." A physician, he provides medical services and promotes preventive health measures.

The Atheist Centre operates a shelter for abandoned women and widows. It sponsors events of dance, meditation and yoga. Princess Anne of England, daughter of Queen Elizabeth, as well as the vice president of India, are among those who have visited the Centre.

The founder of Atheist Centre, Dr. Vijayam's father, was honored on a postage stamp in September 2002. You can see this stamp, and read about the work of Atheist Centre, at

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What Fuels Atheism in America?

Somebody asked what good works are performed by atheists. Well, for three hundred years Christian missionaries were in India and went along with the cruel caste system. Then Gandhi tried to stop it, coming from his devout Hindu religious perspective. He failed, but at least he tried, which seems to have been beyond the generation after generation of Christian missionaries.

Last year, the International Humanist and Ethical Union, based in London, organized a new movement to commit to a serious effort to end caste discrimination. Most of its victims are in India but many are also in African nations and Japan.

It will be interesting to see if they can succeed, where even Gandhi failed and the organized Christian bodies apparently didn't even try.

The Christian missionaries did, however, do a great job of distributing bibles. I don't expect the new project will invest much effort in handing out copies of books by Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris or trying to persuade the suffering people to change their religious affiliation, or teaching them they are born guilty because of Adam's sin, or that a fiery Hell awaits them if they don't convert.

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