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Comments made by freak

The Odd History Of Marijuana In The U.S.

@philosopher3000 LOL u call yourself a philosopher and yet u have never had an altered state of consciousness? other than from your beloved alcohol im sorry.but i dont entirely think that stumbling, hitting on anyone and throwing up on yourself counts as a pleasant consciousness change. It is blatantly obvious that you are not familiar with the term: Dont Knock It Till You Tried It.... haha or researched it for that matter, you only get sufficient brain damage from marijuana when you ingest 5 kgs of it in 5 mins hahaha now show me the record of any permanent brain damage from chronic users. They tried alcohol prohibition and it DIDNT WORK, now there is a substance that has been properly researched hereby dispelling all the myths and propaganda associated with marijuana, and the primary yellow journalism in which it had been criminalize d in the first place and people, sadly are still ignorant upon the matter, such as you! you need to educate yourself my friend. im 17 and im very sure i have life more worked out than you do, lighten up! i subscribed to this website solely in order to explain to you that you need to experience life, and the effects of psychedelics on the brain only slightly change our perception of this imaginary solvent world that our brain wants to keep us in. research quantum physics if u are after all: philosophical.
@ Leonard Krivitsky well done! im so happy that the number of intelligent adults is rising. The basis of marijuanas pros are all too simple, too much left to common sense, though ironically not at all... The world would be a whole lot more spiritual if psychedelics were used. ignorance of ignorance is the malay of the ignorant. D E Watson

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