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Comments made by Daniel Beeman

Public Invited To Weigh In On Proposed SDG&E Rate Increase

Wow, that is a scary picture, me, AND A HUGE RATE increases: electric & gas! When the rate should be going down because we have met the States request to reduce energy use, use more renewable energy (Solar [homes & businesses] & others) than any other per capita region. SDG&E is taking credit for individual solar generation, rather than developing more renewables as a good business model. Then they use our rate payer funds to pay back their "friends" in business and mega solar arrays.

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Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread To San Diego

I believe Civic Center Plaza is not the wisest of places! It is walled in and kind of closed off to streets and general public viewing. It would be much better to go to a public place where some resident live nearby for support/supplies. It should be open to the street so all can see what is going on and have a place for additional members of the media and public to come & join as they need.
Some place like Martin Luther King Promenade Park with water features, trees (shading), difficult terrain (moguls) [hard for police to rush], near by food, (public & private) bathrooms, and trolley (transit). It is at 1st (& Front) Harbor Dr.(Island Ave.)

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Solutions Waning For Tenants Of Substandard Housing

KPBS & Midday Edition. Why should businesses (Residential rental companies), be able to make a profit off doing illegal behavior? Landlords have legal obligations and our City, County & State should hold them accountable as long as they are paying rent, and/or if they have paid rent.
While I was in Milwaukee the community organization I was volunteering with (Riverwest Organizing Project=ROP) was asked by the City Attorney to be a "receivership" as a conservator for some properties that were not code compliant and also had back taxes. As we got the properties for free (forfeitures due to non payment of property taxes). We moved some of the tenants into other affordable housing while we used rents from other units, which we'd done maintenance on, to fix up more units. We fixed up over 4 multi-unit dwellings. We helped to give tenants better housing at near or lower rents, and we got to pool funds to move the project ahead to help more problem housing.
The big thing here is that the City was willing, as well as the County; property tax collector, to work together to lessen the dangers of slumlord housing. It helped to empower the neighborhood and communities to make their own communities better, this empowerment, help, and hope moved the neighbors to come together to making their communities much much better with stronger cohesiveness.
Please contact me if I can help in anyway. 858-571-6058

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Federal Regulators To Investigate Blackout

We can do better! Why were even some solarized homes, generators taken off line? why couldn't they help power the neighborhood(s). We need to ask SDG&E, also

Hey, one mistake should never cause a problem like this, there is much much more that needs to be fixed! Also why doesn't (all) city of San Diego have safety intersections/traffic signals that blink red when electricity out? [not in Clairemont!!] Also what happened to all those solar panel arrays, why weren't we covered by some of that power?? OUR ELECTRICAL GRID SYSTEM IS ALL MESSED UP!!! CPUC electrical energy rate increases: Hey, someone has to make the money, why not someone in a big office (SEMPRA) downtown S.D.?

We can do better!!:

Thank you for getting things set right!
Sincerely yours,
Daniel Beeman 858-571-6058
danielbeeman & FreedomPlsOrg (twitter)

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New Roots Community Farm

Reminds me of when my dad had a garden space in the local community garden a mile from our "Bricks" low income affordable housing building (Mpls). It was great joy to spend time with my dad, much like the big boy in the picture, sans a mom, where we would celebrate the earth/growth, hard work, seeing the "fruits" & vegis of our labor, community, and hope.
We didn't have it long before my dad had us move to safer neighborhood and we couldn't afford gas to the "plot". Soon after I was sent to Kansas (Uncles) while he went searching for a new heart (heart-transplant). He came back heartless, literally, we united, but he was barely surviving. He passed the day after he got the heart transplant (2nd in Minn.). But I still love the thought that we not only grew together, but grew new life together by the work of our hands to nurture ourselves and our neighbors. THANKS DAD!!

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Urban Farming - What Are Your Rights?

We need more community gardening spaces! First thank you Maureen & KPBS for opening the dialog, second Mrs. Zapf (SD City Councilmember) Thank You for Farmers Market in Linda Vista (sadly 8..,^( that neighbor will not be in our district) & new Bayside community garden space! But we need more. There are acres of open space under the power lines that run from Tecolote Canyon all the way to Kroc Middle School and beyond, that could be opened to local community gardening and maybe some small urban farms. There are already growers using this land, special contract??, near Horizon High School; 5150 Mt.AlifanDrive,
Why can't we use more of these area for public/community benefit rather than just retail/commercial/industrial benefit? Closer growth means less pollution (Energy efficiency), and easier access to healthy foods. Also lets try to get EBT accepted at all Farmers Markets, good food grown locally is not only better for the community, the environment, but also for commerce!

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Teaching Gay History In California Public Schools

Here is the truth of the matter: Only a gay person can suggest they are gay/homosexual/LGBT, there is no history in that matter, you can not investigate it. IE, he came from Italy his parents were Italian jews. People have all types of sex with all types of peoples/animals/things, but that is not of historical nature, unless we should teach of all peoples sexual choices and that makes them beneficial to others??? Where someone was enlisted/taught/learned, country born of (ethnicity/race), where they lived, what they did, why and how can all be historically evidenced, but sexual acts are private, and should remain so. The point is mute and should not make influence. Don't force others to pay for what you think is right/history. Build your own school, museum, club etc, and invite others to come and learn, don't make it a public financial commitment. FreedomPleaseOrg

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Council To Vote On Balboa Park Makeover Plan

We need more alternative proposals information. One City Staffer suggested that you could email her, call her with new alternatives, but never gave her name, phone # or email address. So who ya gonna call? Trial period with one way & only one lane on the Cabrillo Bridge, west to east & right turn(south) only at Plaza de Panama & U-turn after the horse rider statue [when coming north] to go back south. Please cars out the the park now, trial run. Access for handicapped and late late night for museum/retail/restaurant services/merchandise. There are already two other off Freeway accesses to the west side of the Park.

Sincerely yours, Daniel Beeman aka FreedomPlease
P.S. I also believe a Parking Structure, UNPAID, could be put at Inspiration Point, with 5-6 levels, freeway entrance & exit, with part underground, part above for Park Blvd & other Balboa Pk street access.

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Balboa Park Renovation Plan Goes Before City Council

I'm so tired of going to "public" council meetings that just cater to the well heeled business dynasties of our area! We don't need to spend tens (read HUNDREDS, once Gov't & contractors get involved!!) of millions of dollars to get the cars out of Balboa Park! Just ban them. Off the bridge too! Keep the Park Trolley!
I proposed a Parking Structure at the parking lot southwest of the old Veterans Hospital 12 years ago when I ran for City Council (Dist. 3). I suggested that John Moores (SD Padres Ball team owner) help pay for it for mitigation of all he was getting in East Village (16 blocks +). I suggested exit and entrance ramps from the I-5 and a "John Moores [aka "Randy Jones"] rotating restaurant on the top level of the 5-6 story parking structure, 2-3 underground, 2-3 above making near level with current situation. So we could not only get a huge parking structure to shade our cars during large events in Balboa Park, but we could get a nice view restaurant for tourists & us occasionally. As it would be done by "philanthropists" it would be a fee free and beneficial project for all of the citizens!! Carpool soon! Daniel aka FreedomPleaseOrg

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Project Aims To Provide School Supplies To Homeless Kids In SD

Thank You! Doing the links, putting together a backpack, and will deliver it to my California Coast Credit Union! HEY! don't have backpack and/or supplies and you want to help!?! If your a member of the California Coast Credit Union get a friend/family member to join ($25 to start acct) and donate the $25 reward deposit you will get to the 2011 Drive for Success campaign! Or even better leverage the funds with coupons and sales items at stores (Ralphs has $1 school supplies now!) and give even greater bang-for-the-buck in donations!
Daniel aka FreedomPleaseOrg

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