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Comments made by frenchfoto

Local Bug Population Will Grow As Temperatures Rise

I was quite surprised at your guest's recommendations about bees. Bees are not pests. Nor are spiders. They are "beneficials" in your garden. If you have concerns about bee stings and want to remove a hive - please link up with the San Diego Bee Keepers Association. This an amazingly well informed and well intentioned organization. One of them will come out and remove the hive for you and relocate it. DO NOT contact commercial bee removal outfits. They claim "live" removal by sucking bees out with giant vacuums does not equate with live (long life) removal. They removed a hive I had in my chimney quite successfully.
With respect to the topic of "bugs", I was also surprised that there was no mention of good bugs or predator bugs that prey on the "don't want them" bugs. If you have a garden with plants that belong in this climate, you will have few pests. At the same time, those carefully chosen plants will attract beneficial insects that will act as police. Keep your watering down. We water way too much here. Water attracts the unwanted bugs (as he stated). You are also creating an endless cycle. Overwatering=overgrowth=over cutting and pruning=needless hauls to the dump. Mulch heavily at least twice a year, cut your watering back and use the blower only for hard surfaces. Your garden will be much happier, your soils healthier and non compacted.
Meredith French, San Diego

April 4, 2011 at 12:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )