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Comments made by ftarantino

San Diego Would Feel Little Financial Pain If Chargers Bolt

If this is the most professional opinion on this issue, it is no wonder that our state of affairs in San Diego is in dire straits. How could losing the Charger's not affect our city coffers or as the supposed financial wiz said it could benefit the city, WOW! Lets see the pros of keeping them, rent from the Q, conessions from the Q, thousands of jobs to run the Q and not to mention the 5000 or so potenial jobs that a new stadium would create for 3+ years of building it, future Superbowls, exposure to our beautiful city which tourisum is our no. 1 revenue stream. Now just double that for the Aztec's as well and maybe add a MLS soccer team. Not to mention all the other events that the current stadium as well as the new stadium host. Cons, the Q runs at a $17 million dollar bill a year for the city as of today, the cost to destroy the stadium should the team bolt would be about 29-35 million plus the still unknown fuel plume from the fuel depots across the street. The loss of all the jobs should the Q seist to exsist, no Aztec football, no Holiday bowl or Poinsettia bowl. Petco park has proven the naysayers wrong as would a new Chargers park. Try walking down 16th street at about 3-4pm and see if your not robbed or offered drugs or prostitues. Just 7 short years ago that was what the area we call Petco park was and look at it now. San Diego look beyond the almighty dollar and look at what this project can produce.

February 26, 2011 at noon ( | suggest removal )