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Comments made by fundad44

Education Special: Foundations Funding Schools

I'm 43 learning and I was privaledged of being a student of the prestigious Marianne Frostig School where the emphasis was having the child evolve into a self assured adult with life affirming tools and the humility and grace to rise above discrimination of a unlightned society that isn't disabled.I believe if school districts in San Diego and those who wield tremedous power to effect the lives of students aren't going to honor IEPS then there needs to be a better alternative then underachieving.I have idea for a foundation that would just serve the parents who feel cheated and lied to here in San Diego and nearby areas.This foundation would have parents not having to go broke driving all over San Diego seeking multiple support services for themselves and their children.For anyone who shares my passion for disability rights and is disgusted by the gluttony of those in society who only care about their bottom line and not the well being of the entire human race then by all means call me.619-328-6448.Being disabled isn't a crime but being soul challenged like those in society who aren't should be held accountable.

January 13, 2011 at 8:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )