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Comments made by fz10bee

Few Protections Against Secondhand Smoke In California Apartments

Hi Friends!
There is a smoking nuisance ordinance in progress at the Public Safety & Neighborhood Service Committee (PS&NS) in the City of San Diego that is directed to protect people living in multi-unit housing; renters and condo owners suffered from secondhand smoke all the time. Both, HOA and Property Management Co. have different options to protect people but they hardly understand the issue.

This item will be docket in the February or March agenda to go to full Council. You have to contact your local representative and the PS&NS Chair, M. Emerald, explain your story and ask them to take action and support this ordinance, if you feel that there should be a full ban or stronger ordiance then express that in your massage or to whomever you are leaving the message with. TAKE ACTION!

City Council Members of SD contact PS&NS Committee Consultant, Drew Ector at (619) 236-7038. Email:
If you would like to learn more and participate in public comment, please contact me  Thanks!

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Solutions Waning For Tenants Of Substandard Housing

There are several groups working on substandard housing issues in SD. A program in Mid-City presented in 2007-2008 to the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee (PS&NS) about all these problems with roach infestations, lead, mold, secondhand smoke etc. But the problem continues and the talk continues and still no one is responsible to make a change or take charge on this public health problem.

We met with Code Enforcement in 2007 and they stated they just focus on structural issues and if they see a real bad infestation they might write a letter to the landlord to let him/her know. The City’s Neighborhood Code Compliance is supposed to enforce the California Health Safety Code but as Ms. Burks reported in April 2010 in an article the City enforcement leaves several components of that code including insect infestations, mold, mildew, rats and other rodents.

There is a real need for agencies as the Center of Social Advocacy that really helps people and mean what they do for business. Based on my experience with The Fair Housing Council of San Diego and its Director is that when we met we were not treated with respect, Director bragged about her knowledge of the law and belittles people because she is a lawyer (both things stated to me).
I realized two things that really called my attention: 1) she really does not care about tenants (did not even look or respond to my disable tenants) and 2) What really surprised me was that she was not even aware of the Fair Housing Laws although she is supposed to protect both the disable and the Fair Housing Act. It seems to be another agency protecting the Industry and It makes me very up set to think that my taxes pays for them to be bullying people around and of course, not work on what they are supposed to do. Sadly, many more have gone through the same.

We have to remember that sick kids with health conditions/issues living in substandard conditions attend schools throughout San Diego so they mixed with other healthy kids. This is a public health issue and has to be address as is to protect all children and the community.

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