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Comments made by gadeyne

No Celebration for Unemployed this Labor Day

I am amazed that the editors chosen to debate that subject were not even aware of the U6 unemployment statistics. They are rarely talked about or even mentioned by government official, that number includes under employed individuals and stands around 20.5% in California. They are not easy to find, but anybody a little inquisitive would find them on the department of labor website

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Strategies for Dealing With Struggling Job Market

You forget to mention the job networking groups that have sprung up, groups like Inlandnet ( and Experience Unlimited ( under EDD and the Department of Employment, somehow EU does not have a program in SD county and groups like Inlandnet had to step in.
60% of the jobs are filled through networking, another 30% through informational interviews, the old job searching techniques just do not work anymore.

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How Do You Cope with Losing Your Job?

Job seekers must realize that the job search has changed a lot, the traditional means of looking for a job have pretty much been rendered obsolete. Spending their time on job boards and sending out resumes from job wanted ads have become the least effective way to land a job.
They have to adopt and embrace technology, go out and network, both virtually by social networking on sites like LinkedIn and face to face by attending professional networking functions and job related job functions like job clubs.
they also need to keep some kind of normality in their life, do something they love to relieve stress, and it does not have to be job search related.
It is also a great time to volunteer, volunteering brings a sense of normalcy and worth and they can network at the same time.
personally I volunteer my time with 2 job related non profits, as a VP of Marketing for experience Unlimited ( and on the executive board of Inlandnet ( in charge of social medias
These 2 volunteer organizations help job seekers for free by offering networking opportunities as well as workshops that help them with their resumes, interviewing and networking skills and peer support.

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