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Comments made by gaiamoth

Three Education Bonds On The Ballot In North San Diego County

I love these taxpayer groups that say "no more taxes" to any bond out there. They seem to have no clue about what is really happening out there. As a community, what recourse do we have?

We cant seem to control the perpetual problem at the State level that keeps taking our tax dollars out of the hands of our education coffers. If we set aside school bond monies, then that money is dedicated to education funding only. The State cant touch it. I would think taxpayer groups would be in support of this because this is a clear case of you get what you pay for, whereas State govt is a case of "you may pay for it, but there is no guarantee of getting the return on your tax dollar, as the State can abscond with your money and put it to whatever use it wants to."

So the taxpayer group wants the districts to find other ways of dealing with their financial issues. I have a question for them: what cuts would they like to make at my kids' schools to make ends meet? Because that is the "other way". If we dont provide the schools more money (and my vote is for bonds, which the State cannot touch) then we are telling the schools they have to tighten their belt by altering our classrooms. Do I want to see 35 kids in a 4th grade class in my district? Do I want to lose dedicated science instruction or get rid of music instruction? Heck no. Other districts have had to do that, but I think the parents in the Del Mar/Carmel Valley area value education enough to put their wallet where their mouth is and pony up for our schools.

At least with the bonds they know exactly where their tax dollars will be spent.

September 17, 2012 at 5:58 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

'Underwater' Homeowners Try To Catch A Breath

greg invested $1.1 mill into a home when he and his wife are entrepreneurs, a job that is risky. rather than putting money into savings they dumped an additional 150k into the house. sounds like they like to take a lot of risks.

he is wrong when he says no one predicted the catastrophic housing downturn. analysts had been warning the bubble would burst for a few years. if he chose to ignore that (and take more risk)... thats his choice.

i hope his short sale goes through. but if it doesn't, greag is not the kind of homeowner that taxpayers should be bailing out. his own actions are the biggest reason he is in his tough spot.

November 2, 2010 at 7:16 a.m. ( | suggest removal )