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How Hospitals Can Avoid Surgical Mistakes

I posted a comment, but lost it as I was at the end. I, too, had a negligent doctor puncture the lens in my eye, giving me an injection of Eylea into an eye that didn't need it. He injected sooo fast that the injection which should have been placed between my retina and lens created a large dark circle and a cataract which entailed immediate surgery. A year and a half later, I now have a film over the retina of that eye and swelling. The doctor was Kang Zhang at Shiley Eye Center. I did not even receive money for new glasses since I refused to sign a paper saying he was not liable for his actions when he was clearly negligent. I plan to inform the California Board of Medical Esaminers to investigate the case. I also wish to contact both doctors: Martin McCary and Jeffrey Stiles to add my name to the numbers. I can be contacted by email: or phone: home - 619-435-3500 or cell - 619-985-3535.

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