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Comments made by gemivy

Carlsbad Group Opposes Encina Power Plant Expansion

Look at this as being the front runner in whole nation a leader in porviding Energy. And the Job's. Huge, Huge, Huge,

At the meetings that I have attended the pitch is how on:
Unsafe, polution, medical threats, real estate values decline and so on.

The bottom line was the Esthetic not pleasing.
There was so much drama and all boiled down to the White Elephant.
Okay make it look like a Resort. After all.
So called THE CITY of CARLSBAD governing council says they dont back it.
Think about it. Of course not. Parcel it out and Tax dollar revenue.
They have in the last 18 yrs. Carlsbad trains station property, Ponto Beach and more.
They are selling as OPEN SPACE for everyone. JOKE! JOKE! JOKE!
Anything can be amended. Timeshare, Condos, Exclusive Homes & Shoping
and Yes an other Golf Course. Right on the coast. For all that 2 to 3 cars more per unit. Let alone staff and shop keepers. More parking, cars and people.
You would not see the coast as you see today. Think about it.

May 24, 2011 at 2:02 p.m. ( | suggest removal )